“The Only Bad Experience We Had”: Disney Fans Discuss Fireworks Dessert Party

Disney World Fireworks Dessert Party

No day at the Magic Kingdom is arguably complete without taking in the fireworks spectacular in the skies above Cinderella Castle, and the Walt Disney World Resort offers “extra-magical” ways to experience the nighttime spectacle–currently, Disney Enchantment but will soon be Happily Ever After.

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For an extra fee, Magic Kingdom Park Guests can enjoy the fireworks during an exclusive dessert party at the Tomorrowland Terrace restaurant. For $114 per Guest aged ten or older and $69 for kids aged 3-9, Guests can enjoy a wide variety of sweets prepared by one of Disney World’s pastry chefs, as well as some beer and wine options for those over 21. This event, which has been given a special 50th Anniversary Theme, is held three times per night: before, during, and after the fireworks display. The Fireworks Pre-Party and After-Party both cost slightly less than the viewing party.

However, it does not appear that all Guests who have partaken in the experience think it is a good idea. One fan posted a picture of their perspective during the dessert party, which shows the Tomorrowland Terrace’s overhanging roof blocking the top of the Castle and most of the higher fireworks.

The picture was posted to Reddit with the caption, “The only bad experience we had in the park was the oversold Magic Kingdom 50th Fireworks Dessert Parties: Disney Enchantment Treats & Seats.”

Disney World Fireworks Dessert Party Disappointment

Credit: u/WANGHUNG22 Reddit

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The original poster later said in the comments, “The discerption of it got us. They made it sound like there would be a better view. And we wouldn’t have to go stand in front of the castle 2 hours in advance to have a spot. The drinks and deserts were good though.”

Other fans jumped in to share their experience at the same event, with mixed feelings about the event.

One person blamed the fact that it was reportedly overcrowded, saying, “That’s a shame! … From what I could see, all the tables had a good view, but apparently not! I wouldn’t have called it oversold as long as everyone had a seat. … We did get a tiny bit of the overhang you see in this pic, but not enough to impede our view.”

Another chimed in, affirming that it truly depends on where you sit during this experience. Some seats provide a viewing that is as magical as advertised, but other seats do not. They said:

“I think we had that same table a few years ago. It’s so hit or miss and not at all what time you arrive. My husband loves sitting down for fireworks so we’ve done this a few times. Every time we arrive very early. Twice we got amazing seats with Think flying directly overhead. Once we got this horribly covered table even though there were closer spots open. I think they shouldn’t even book the second row of tables. It’s incredibly frustrating. I’m sorry you didn’t have a better seat.”

Several others shared their condolences for the lackluster experience, especially for how much extra it costs a family to attend.

Another person chimed in to say, “After Fireworks dessert party is the way to go – get first dibs on a spot in the hub grass. The pre-fireworks dessert party comes over there like 5 minutes before and have to fight for a good spot. Then you get to go relax and have dessert while the massive crowds leave the parks.”

Magic Kingdom 50th Anniversary Dessert Party

Credit: Disney

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The Walt Disney World Resort describes its “Magic Kingdom 50th Fireworks Dessert Parties: Disney Enchantment Treats & Seats” on its website as the following:

A Sweet Celebration

Put a cherry on top of your magical day with a sensational dessert party to toast the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World Resort.

First, join us at Tomorrowland Terrace where you will discover a host of 50th Anniversary-themed desserts prepared by our pastry chef, including chocolate-dipped strawberries, butterscotch pudding and a variety of cheeses. Drink selections will also be available, including an assortment of beer and wine for Guests ages 21 and over.

Click here to learn more and check availability if you are thinking of adding this experience to your next Disney World Vacation. Disney Dessert Parties can also be found at Disney’s Contemporary Resort and at EPCOT along World Showcase Lagoon.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to update our readers on Disney Parks news and stories as more developments come to light.

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