Disney Fan Embarks On International Quest: 12 Parks In 12 Days

nathan firesheets with mickey mouse ice cream bar
Credit: Nathan Firesheets / @A_Coaster_Story Twitter

Disney Park fan Nathan Firesheets has recently begun what he has dubbed “the craziest Disney challenge ever conceived”!

The Disney Fanatic and Disney Park record-breaker is on an international tour of the Disney Parks in Disney Resorts across the globe, with one challenging goal: riding “every operating ride” in all 12 Disney theme parks within just 12 days (and yes, travel time does count as part of those 12 days).

So far, the Disney enthusiast has ridden 83 rides (with 23 of them being rides in his recent destination, Tokyo Disneyland) since beginning the adventure on March 8.


This challenge (the Disney Global Ride Challenge) began at Disneyland Paris, then continued with Shanghai Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Tokyo Disneyland. When this devoted Disney fan completes his trip, the final stop will be Orlando in Central Florida!

“The parks are the easy part. The travel logistics, that’s what the hard part is,” Firesheets explained in an interview. “And I think that’s why so many people can’t believe that I’m doing this in a literal 12 days, I think. Oh, 12 days in the parks. He’s not counting travel in and out, literally. 12 days, start to finish.”

Nathan Firesheets is also not getting any unique advantages to make his quest easier to achieve, aside from opting for “premier access” in the Disney Parks that are not Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort Parks. Premier access is reportedly a “similar” service to the Disney World and Disneyland Lightning Lane options.

“Nobody’s holding spots in line for me, you know, none of that. I’m just out here doing it like a normal person,” Firesheet clarified.

Months of strategic planning have gone into the Disney Global Ride Challenge; you can follow along on Twitter to see where Firesheets is off to next!


“One of my friends has joked that by the end of this, it’s going to be like that scene from Forrest Gump,” Firesheets said laughingly in the interview. “And I’m going to have just a crowd of people running behind me.”

Would you embark on a Disney quest like this, if you had the time and resources to do so — or would you rather take things slow on Disney vacations, regardless of which Disney Park or Disney Resort you’re visiting?

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