Latest TikTok Challenge Has Guest Leaving Graffiti on Disney Castle

TikTok Graffiti Disney Castle

It’s all about what you think you can get away with, right?

Over the last two years, it seems that TikTok has become home for all of the less-than-tasteful Disney Theme Park videos and “challenges” that involve Guests doing a variety of things that can earn a variety of punishments from a stern talking to from a Cast Member or getting kicked out and banned.

Guest Sneaks Firework into Disney

Credit: @thenostalgiclatino /TikTok

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From simply sticking their feet outside the boats on “it’s a small world,” to jumping into the ride scenes and recording cringey interactions with the characters, it seems that with every way one could act inappropriately at a Disney Theme Park, there is the chance–and supposed reward–with going viral.

Well, one of the latest challenges appears to involve leaving graffiti on Disney Park landmarks, including Sleeping Beauty Castle.


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The video shared on social media by @heartms4l shows a woman “tagging” a part of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris. Tagging is simply the name for leaving one’s name or nickname publicly written in graffiti somewhere. It is unclear whether or not the woman in this video used a marker that is easily removable and wiped away her work after the video was finished. But, regardless, being caught vandalizing anything at a Disney Park–especially its central landmark–is asking to be removed from that Park immediately and possibly banned from that day forward.

Disneyland in California and the Walt Disney World Resort have already had to take matters into their own hands and crack down on recent TikTok trends that have made beloved rides incredibly dangerous at its Theme Parks such as Magic Kingdom and Disney California Adventure Park. It is unclear at this time what actions–if any–will be taken to remedy this tagging issue before it becomes a serious problem, but it looks like Guests aren’t happy with a good old-fashioned Castle selfie anymore.

disneyland paris castle

Credit: Disney

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If you see any vandalizing acts like this happening during your Disney day, please notify a Cast Member or Disney Security as soon as possible.

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