Disney Guests Complain about Quick-Service Meals

Walt Disney World Resort and the Disney Parks might be known for their Disney magic, even in the face of new changes to Disney attractions or Disney leadership, but lately it seems like the Disney magic might be leaving one particularly important portion of the Disney experience: Disney World dining! Several Disney Guests have complained online about overpriced and low-quality food at Disney, specifically from the quick-service restaurants in Disney Resorts.

One Disney Guest complained about their tuna wrap at the Mara (which is located in the Animal Kingdom Lodge); apparently, after a long wait, the Guest finally received their quick service meal at the Mara only to learn that “they don’t prepare them fresh, they’re in the cooler”.

Other Guests responded with their own negative opinions of Disney dining or recent negative experiences with quick-service Disney food, expressing disappointment about experiencing long wait times despite pre-made quick service meals being available (and the fact that the food wasn’t fresh).

“I could tell my Tuna Sandwich mobile ordered from Roaring Fork [in Disney’s Wilderness Lodge] wasn’t fresh”, one user commented, adding that they’d also noticed a lack of freshness in the quick service meal at the Beach Club Marketplace.

The same Disney Guest also mentioned being disappointed by Space 220, a new restaurant in EPCOT that has received mixed reviews (although another user commented that they’d enjoyed their meal at Space 220).

Another Disney Guest joined the conversation, complaining about waiting almost an hour for the popular snack known as Zebra Domes even though he or she “could see them in the fridge”.

It’s strange to see so many negative comments about Disney World food, because good food has always been something that Disney has prided itself on, but one Twitter user mentioned that there’s a growing idea that “everything in Disney has slowly been reduced in terms of quality” and that Disney dining might be the next disappointing part of visitors’ Disney vacations.

Have you had a negative Disney experience with quick service dining in a Walt Disney World restaurant or mobile ordering at Walt Disney World? Have you found that the Disney experience with quick service dining is better in a certain Disney Park like the Magic Kingdom, or that the best quick service restaurant is a Disney Guest restaurant on a Disney cruise ship like the soon-to-set-sail Disney Wish?

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