Disney Guests Dance in a Flash Flood

flash flood hollywood studios

Although there’s been lots of bad news lately, some Disney magic has presented itself once again as Disney Park Guests found themselves facing an unexpected challenge on March 7 2022. A flash flood hit Hollywood Studios, and instead of fleeing the scene, many Disney Guests chose to simply put on their rain boots and play!

Footage of the whimsical scene was shared on TikTok by TikTok user Mr. Morrow (@pagingmrmorrow) and Twitter by journalist Scott Gustin. Scott Gustin viewed the flash flood as “a special Catastrophe Canyon tribute”, referring to the old Catastrophe Canyon attraction from Disney’s Hollywood Studios Studio Backlot tour. The attraction had featured flooding similar to this!

Hearing Disney Park music play behind the scenes as Disney Guests frolic in water along the Disney Park’s streets adds to the Disney magic in this scene, and any Guest who has seen children playing in Disney water features knows how much fun there is to be had while playing in water features or puddles. A flash flood like this takes that to another level!


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Although flash floods can actually be catastrophic when they’re more severe, this one appears to just be a fun experience for Guests. It’s also a great way for adult Disney Guests to bring out their inner children again, which is definitely something that Walt Disney himself would have wanted!

Magic Kingdom Park Reopening

Two young guests stop to take a photo at Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. (Olga Thompson, photographer)

The fact that these Guests are bonding while playing in the water is also a testament to the benefits that can be gleaned from stopping to smell the roses (or jump in puddles) with other people, inside a Disney Park or otherwise. Connecting with strangers during unique events is always a memorable experience!

This watery burst of extra Disney magic comes just as another special moment of inspiring magic was shared from Ukraine, when a little girl in a Ukrainian bomb shelter inspired everyone around her with a rendition of “Let It Go”.

If you were in a flash flood within a Disney Park like this, would you hide inside or embrace the experience and frolic?

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