Could Mass Quitting be Incoming, Saving Iger, D’Amaro from Firing Thousands of People?

Disney Layoffs

On February 8, returining CEO Bob Iger confirmed that 7,000 employees would lose their jobs this year, and that number would come from all corners of the vast business landscape beneath The Walt Disney Company’s corporate umbrella, including Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products.

The supposed layoff campaign appeared to go into effect almost immediately after the announcement, but recent news stories have me thinking that The Mouse House won’t have to fire as many people as they think. If I were a betting man, I would say Disney’s going to have a phase of mass resignations that take care of a significant portion of the layoff-related spending cuts. Why? Because Disney is not giving another inch to labor unions, and wants its employees back in the office.

Cast Member Strike

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The hybrid workers clinging to their remote-work emancipation have already warned the Mouse House of what they called “forced resignations,” and it seems like the food and beverage and housekeeping Cast Members at Disney World are getting closer and closer to a strike or even taking their skills elsewhere.

Disney Employees Return to Office Order

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We have already seen a few significant resignations, including Jeremy Doig, the chief technology officer of Walt Disney Company’s streaming services, and Rebecca Campbell, Disney’s Chairman, International Content and Operations.

The Walt Disney Company’s commitment to 7,000 layoffs is part of its overall commitment to cut company spending by $5.5 billion this year. And while the layoffs will affect employees across the company, I predict that, domestically, most of the employment reduction will be voluntary. The question is how will the layoffs and resignations make leaders like Iger and Dsiney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro look in the eyes of the Cast Members.

In his address to investors during the Q1 2023 Earnings Webcast, Iger’s biggest issue with the state of the Company appeared to be the lack of power and responsibility creativity at the heart of decision-making. Along with a massive reorganization effort, Iger wants to hold Disney’s creative storytellers responsible for the success of its film and television projects across the board. Considering last year’s performance and the continued onslaught against the ever more blatant “left-wing propaganda” being delivered to Disney+, one could suspect a rush to “clean house” is in order to tend to the damaged brand but appears instead as another walkout of self-righteous animators who refuse to bring entertainment back to an even keel.

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Regardless of the reasons, though, this reporter suspects that there is an employment flush coming that will rival Elon Musk’s purging of an over-inflated Twitter.

It should be noted that this is, of course, all speculation and the specific details of Disney’s employment decrease are still unclear.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to monitor the situation and will update our readers as more details come to light.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s and may not reflect the sentiments of Disney Fanatic as a whole.

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