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“Anti-White Propaganda”: Controversy Surrounds Disney’s Latest Show

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Credit: Disney

Disney’s troubles with the “woke” messaging don’t appear to be over yet, with the latest episode from The Proud Family reboot inviting criticism.

Not all of Disney’s decisions appeal to its wide and ranging fan base. Most recently, some of Disney’s latest entertainment—its reboot of the old sitcom, The Proud Family, has garnered a lot of attention for its recent “Juneteenth” episode. The episode has left many fans and commentators bemused with the entertainment giant, the Walt Disney Company.

proud family poster

The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder poster/Courtesy of Disney

The show currently streaming on Disney+ has an episode where a character named Maya Leibowitz Jenkins (voiced by Keke Palmer) discovers that a slave owner founded her fictional town of Smithville. The character is a 14-year-old activist and is the child of an interracial gay couple. Maya organizes a protest against the town’s founder, and the children face riot police.

Another character asks the officers to “please put these kids in cuffs,” and the riot police approach the children. As the police get closer, the children chant, “Why are you in riot gear? We don’t see no riot here!”

You can watch a clip from the controversial episode in question below:

Many Disney fans and commentators have not taken well to this commentary and these scenes. The Twitter account @EndWokeness tweeted in opposition to this content:

Another journalist and commentator, Rob Smith, also tweeted against the show, recalling that it was once a “sweet, funny cartoon sitcom about a Black family. Rebooted by Disney+ in the Woke Era it is now…this.” Check it out:

Disney has come under a lot of fire for its “woke” decisions lately, one of the prime examples being the controversy with Reedy Creek and the recent decision that has just come to pass about the Walt Disney World Resort and the regulation that surrounds it. Of course, since Iger has returned to the scene, Disney is looking to remove itself from unnecessary tangles with politics and reportedly even focus on “Quality over Quantity” for its Disney+ shows.

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Only time will tell what the future holds for the Mouse House and what kinds of content fans can come to expect from the entertainment giant.

The Proud Famil: Louder and Prouder/Courtesy of Disney

More on the Proud Family

The Proud Family reboot on Disney+ features Penny Proud (voiced by Kyla Pratt), Dijonay Jones (voiced by Karen Malina White, and Bresha Webb as an adult), BeBe (voiced by Aiden Dodson), and CeCe Proud (voiced by Bresha Webb) Puff the Dog, Charlette “Suga Mama” Towne-Proud (voiced by Jo Marie Payton), Trudy Proud (née Parker) (voiced by Paula Jai Parker), Oscar Proud (voiced by Tommy Davidson), Zoey Howzer (voiced by Soleil Moon Frye), and LaCienega Boulevardez (voiced by Alisa Reyes) in main roles. The show also features characters voiced by Billy Porter, Keke Palmer, Cedric the Entertainer (who voices Uncle Bobby Proud), and more.

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