Disney Leaves APs Frustrated After Messy TRON Registration

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In less than two months, Walt Disney World Resort will open one of its most anticipated new rides in years — TRON Lightcycle/Run at Magic Kingdom Park. The new roller coaster was announced nearly six years ago and was supposed to be open in time for Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th Anniversary celebration. Unfortunately, between COVID and other issues, construction fell way behind schedule, and the attraction will not open until four days after the 50th anniversary ends.

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Finally, last month, Disney announced that TRON Lightcycle/Run will open on April 4. Over the past couple of weeks, Cast Members have been able to ride the attraction — and let people know that a lot of Guests may not be able to fit in the regular ride vehicle. Then, on February 16, Disney sent out emails to Annual Passholders, letting them know that they could register for a spot to ride the attraction before it opens to the public.

TRON Passholder Preview Email

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Annual Passholders who received the email logged on the minute they could and were quickly told that the wait to register would be over an hour. That was not too surprising, considering that usually happens when a new and exciting event happens at a Disney Park.

Registration for the TRON AP previews closed a few hours after it opened. As in the past, many APs were left out, and unable to register, with some not even receiving the registration email at all. This angered and frustrated many, who felt that Disney needs to fix their system, as there frequently seems to be a problem when a lot of people are trying to register for an event.

The AP preview roll out for Tron was way worse and more inefficient than Rise of the Resistance and Guardians. Way worse.

According to Twitter user Ryan Clavin (@ryno1185), he has multiple friends linked to his account. When he went on to his account, he couldn’t find himself anywhere. His friends were also not able to add him to their ride preview.

This is messed up. Multiple friends who are linked w/me got through the TRON AP queue and my name never came up. I finally got thru, signed into my Disney acnt & somehow my friend was listed as the primary user and I’m no where to be found. @WaltDisneyWorld

Ryan also claimed that, once he was finally able to log into his account and get in the queue for the TRON preview, he saw people getting their registration confirmation who got into the queue AFTER he did. Meanwhile, his computer still told him he had more than one hour to go.

People who have logged in after me have gotten their TRON reservations and my queue still says more than an hour wait. This will be the second time this week that a Disney queue has done that to me. I hate this system.

Alycia Delese (@alyciadelese) said that she had under an hour to go before she could secure her TRON preview. Her phone never alerted her that it was her turn and said that she had missed her window. However, she thinks that her window never appeared to register because the queue filled before her turn officially came up.

The Disney annual pass preview system is so frustrating. I waited hours & had 59 min. left on the tron queue. I took my kids to recess for 20 minutes, and then it said I missed my window. I had it open on my phone too, but the event reached capacity before I got through there ?

At this time, TRON Lightcycle/Run Annual Passholder previews will take place on March 4-6 and March 8-12. With so many Passholders claiming that they didn’t get a chance to register — and some saying they never got an email — it is possible that Disney may choose to open up more preview dates.

Some APs also are upset because the Annual Passholder preview dates fall on days when their pass is blocked from even entering the Parks. Disney extending preview dates might also let some of those APs enjoy TRON before it opens to the public on April 4.

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