TRON’s Design Under Scrutiny Again From Former Disney Imagineer

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A well-known former Walt Disney Imagineer came under fire for his comments about TRON’s controversial design and what its impact would be.

It seems the controversy around TRON appears to be never-ending. After the Cast Member previews, it came to light that the seating wasn’t as accessible as some Guests might have hoped, with multiple Cast Members complaining that the long-awaited ride was the least accessible one at Magic Kingdom Park in Walt Disney World.

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Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort/Courtesy of Disney

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Recently, a former Disney Imagineer also took to Twitter to share his views on the ride that has recently flooded the news. Jim Shull shared,

Reusing the same vehicle design developed for Shanghai Disneyland fitted for Chinese body types was not the very best of ideas. Americans and especially the Disney guests in the U. S. do not match Chinese body types. Expect increase in number of GWD vehicles replacing bikes.

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However, despite the backlash that the TRON seating has received recently, and particularly the backlash that Disney has been receiving for lack of accessibility, one fan contested Shull’s opinion, sharing, “Please don’t share that false, misleading narrative. The coaster uses the same restraint system as the OTHER motorbike coasters designed BEFORE tron even broke ground. The only thing Disney did was change the theming elements of the ride vehicle, they didn’t design the restraints.”

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TRON Lightcycle Run/Courtesy of Disney

A few users also shared their frustration that Disney hadn’t improved the Disney Theme Park ride’s design since TRON went live in Shanghai Disneyland.

However, many fans concurred with the fan who clapped back at Shull’s argument sharing their heights and builds and explaining that the Disney Park ride hadn’t been too small for them. The tweet also reignited the debate that has been spreading across the internet about TRON’s accessibility.

One user argued that Disney shouldn’t have to worry about this kind of issue at all:

Others felt that this was a “serious oversight.” Whichever side of the argument you stand in, it’s abundantly clear that TRON is one of the most awaited rides Disney has planned and that Walt Disney Imagineering has been working on, proved by (if for nothing else) the amount of news its generating before it’s even officially opened to the public at the Walt Disney World Resort, and will certainly add to the Disney experience as it already has in Shanghai Disney Resort’s Disney Park.

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