Confirmed: Disney Resort Employees Getting First Raise in 6 Years!

Disney Cast Member Pay Raise
Credit: Disney

As labor disputes over wage negotiations possibly near completion in Central Florida between Cast Member Labor Union Unite Here Local 737 and The Walt Disney World Resort, another Disney Theme Park Resort is announcing pay increases for their own Cast Members.

Coincidentally, these Cast Members work for the only Theme Parks, and Resort, NOT operated by The Walt Disney Company.

Tokyo Disney

Credit: Disney

New reports state that The Oriental Land Company (OLC) will raise the average pay of its employees at Tokyo Disney Resort by 7% starting this April.

According to NHK World-Japan,

The theme-park operator says it has reached an agreement with its labor union to increase salaries and hourly wages for all employees.

This will apply to more than 20,000 people. They include managers and part-time cast members at the company’s two theme parks.

While The Walt Disney Company owns all of the IP and licensing for the property, it is OLC that owns and operates Disney’s oldest overseas Resort, which includes Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, the only Disney monorail outside of the United States, and several Resort Hotels. This is the first across-the-board pay raise the operators have announced in six years and come after a rapid rush of inflation and Government pleas for employers to pay their staff more.

tokyo disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland/Disney

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OLC states, this decision was to ensure “employees can work with a sense of security and unleash their respective potential.”

This pay hike comes as Tokyo Disney Resort begins its 40th Anniversary Celebration.

Meanwhile, union leaders have instructed its Disney Workers to reject Disney World’s minimum wage increase offer, saying that the new hourly wage is still not enough. Union Members are expected to vote on the offer, and a consensus decision is expected to be ready by February 3.

Disney Cast Member Union

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