Disney and an Endless Succession of Celebrations to Come

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Every day is a magical celebration where the Walt Disney Company is concerned. But obviously there are certain times where there is even more to celebrate. And it would seem that time is now and will be for the next several years.

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We all know that Walt Disney World Resort is still currently in the throes of 50th Anniversary celebrations. And as we learned today at the D23 Expo, Tokyo DisneySea recently celebrated its 20th back in 2021. However, celebrations were overshadowed by Disney World’s larger extended celebrations, which will be wrapping up soon. Even when all is said and done, there are still many upcoming anniversary milestones to take note of. And while we have very little in the way of slated celebrations, here is a look forward to what we can expect.

50th Anniversary

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EPCOT Park in Disney World opened to the public on October 1, 1982. While sharing the glory of the 50th Anniversary with Walt Disney World Resort in general, it’s worth calling out the fact that EPCOT will be celebrating its 40th anniversary in little under a month’s time.

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It’s true what they say, that when one door closes another one opens. So, when Disney World wraps up the 50th Anniversary celebrations, it appears that the Walt Disney Company on a whole will be unleashing an extensive all-out 100 Years of Wonder Celebration. That’s right, the Company has been around for nearly an entire century, having been established back in 1923. While the Parks came a little later, we expect full-blown celebrations and specials in all Parks just the same.

100 years

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 Also celebrating major milestone anniversaries for the 2023 year will be two Disney Parks in very different locations in the world. Coincidentally, both will be celebrating a 30th anniversary. First, there’s Disneyland Paris, which opened on April 12, 1983. Just a few days later, Tokyo Disney Resort opened on April 15 that same year.

While still several years away, we can’t turn away from the fact that the most iconic and classic of all Disney Parks, the original Disneyland in Anaheim, will be celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2025. And we can only imagine how big that’s going to be!

Castle Fireworks Disneyland

Credit: Disney Dreamer

As Disney Magic continues on through the decades (and possibly centuries) to come, we can only guess that things are going to continue to get even bigger and better!

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