Disney Park Re-Opens a Sweet Shop With a First Look at a Buzz-Worthy Mickey Treat

Minnie Cable Car Bake Shop
Credit: DLPReport

What do you get when you combine a grande ribbon-cutting ceremony, a Minnie Mouse appearance, and world-renowned cheese? One of the sweetest (and a little savory) re-openings at the Disney Parks.

On May 25, The Cable Car Bake Shop opened its doors after a hiatus for refurbishment at Europe’s leading tourist destination: Disneyland Paris. The American-style bakery on Main Street, U.S.A., launched a long-anticipated line of delectable treats inspired by a 10-year partnership with The Laughing Cow®, Babybel®, and Kiri®.

While the classic cable car touches and a menu of treats are new to the Disney Parks scene, one ingredient is breaking ground in Paris: Kiri®. Popular in the Middle East, France, and Japan, Kiri® is a unique sector of cheese that caters to children by delivering essential nutrients and vitamins. In other words, these bakery snacks are actually good for you.

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Although we couldn’t witness Minnie’s snip of The Cable Car Bake Shop’s ribbon in person, we have a behind-the-scenes look at the cheesy food thanks to posts on Twitter by @DLPReport.

Starting with the introduction of the dessert dining tour, @DLPReport said:

Today we welcome back Cable Car Bake Shop on Main Street after an 8-week refurbishment. The location is now presented by and selling products containing the soft cheese brand “Kiri”. 

With topsy-turvy garb and Minnie Mouse in tow, @DLPReport shared the opening ceremony clip:

Video: Cable Car Bake Shop officiel re-dedication ceremony:

Following the re-opening, @DLPReport posted a first look at The Cable Car Bake Shop:

Cable Car Bake Shop is now officially open, with the displays chock full of the new Kiri snacks. The menu has also been updated in the official app.

We may or may not be drooling over this glam shot of the shop’s menu items:

​​Glam shot of the new sweet snacks featuring Kiri at Cable Car Bake Shop:

Any Disney fan can appreciate how the store captures classic Disney charm and mouth-watering selections, but we have our eye on this insanely-delicious-looking Mickey item:

Cable Car Bake Shop is also debuting 3 new-ish savory snacks with Kiri cheese:

– A Kiri version of the ham and cheese and vegetarian Mickey pretzel sandwich (€8.50)

– A new Kiri cheese quiche (€6.50 per slice)

Ready to teleport to France? Based on the looks of the Mickey Pretzel Sandwich, the Cable Car Carrot Cake, and the Golden Gate Cheesecake, we’d say compliments to Chef Minnie.

Alright, let’s give credit to the real chefs per @DLPReport:

With new Kiri®-inspired flavors and an oven-fresh bake shop to explore, we have some compelling reasons to head to Disneyland Park in Paris—unless Walt Disney World features a Mickey Pretzel Sandwich at a dining spot (please do).

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