Cast Members Form a Blockade on Main Street, Guests Evacuated From Entrance

Disneyland Paris Cast Member protests get violent
Credit: DLPReport

Typically a magical runway to Sleeping Beauty Castle bustling with Guests, Main Street took on a new role this morning.

With tensions mounting over the last few weeks after an ongoing workers’ strike, Town Square became flooded with a different kind of Disney crowd. The Cast Members who create the magic in Disney Parks have been requesting better working conditions and higher pay, making stances that have resulted in last-minute cancellations of Disney Park parades and events.

DP Strike Disneyland Paris Sleeping Beauty Castle

Credit: DLPReport

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Their requests were ignored, and the Cast Members in Disneyland Paris made their most radical move yet. Alongside a nationwide strike protesting the retirement age increase from 62 to 64, French Unions have called for a general Cast Member Strike at Disneyland Park. To answer the call, the Cast Members staged a demonstration on Tuesday, May 23, 2023, interfering with the Park’s opening hours.

Madness Instead of Magic

Not only did Guests need to be redirected to other areas of the Park, but chaos marked the typically serene Main Street while Cast Members stood their ground. On Twitter, @DLPReport shared live updates at the scene—and it’s wild.

In an eerily vacant photo, @DLPReport shared the first look at the evacuated entrance:

Main Street has been cleared due to a group of striking Cast Members potentially demonstrating on stage. Guests are directed to the arcades to reach their destination.

As the Cast Members closed in on Main Street, @DLPReport posted a view of the striking workers:

​​Striking Disneyland Paris Cast Members have arrived in Town Square

The protest picked up momentum, and Guests silently strode by the rowdy crowd of Cast Members as they chanted and clapped in this video by @DLPReport:

Video: Disneyland Paris Cast Members are demonstrating on Main Street. They are requesting better pay and working conditions:

Trending with a slew of canceled performances of Stars on Parade in the past two weeks, the strike forced another cancelation of Dream… and Shine Brighter, relayed by DLPReport:

Unsurprisingly, the next performance of “Dream… and Shine Brighter” has been cancelled due to the ongoing demonstration on Main Street.

No one would ever imagine Disney’s fourth wall being broken in real-time. Where most families go to make memories, these Cast Members stood to make history.

After over an hour of demonstrations, canceled events, and flabbergasted Guests, the workers were seen exiting the Park in this clip from @DLPReport:

In true Disney fashion, composure was collected after the chaos, and @DLPReport confirmed the parade performances were back on track by the afternoon:

The 12:25pm showing of “Dream… and Shine Brighter” was performed as planned

With Disneyland Paris taking a “show must go on” approach to the unprecedented move by the Cast Members, it’s difficult to predict whether or not their voices will be heard. It’s clear that they’re the glue that holds the magic together—but these are real people with livelihoods to afford. It would be difficult for the Disneyland Paris camp to quickly replace the amount of striking Cast Members, and it appears the ball is in the Park’s court to repair the situation.

This is a developing story, and Disney Fanatic will continue to provide the latest news as it comes.

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