A Disney Park With No Cast Members? Ongoing Workers’ Strike Expected to Disrupt Park Operations

DP Cast Member
Credit: Disneyland Paris News

Some Disney fans spend months—years, even—crafting the most magical Disney vacation itinerary to get the most out of the Park experience.

Guests seeking the caliber of service that Disney fans have become accustomed to justify the money and time spent to pull off the perfect Disney trip with the unmatched memories made. Disney’s all about the details, and the seamless execution of themed displays throughout the Park transport Guests into their favorite movies and series. While the architecture, Imagineering, and executives deserve credit for Disney’s stamp of perfection, one group merits the most recognition: the Cast Members.

Cast Members have delivered Disney magic to Guests, from sweet smiles to extra-mile magic, for decades. The impression left on a kid who gets to meet a coveted character thanks to a string pulled by a Cast Member is one of the many reasons the wish-granters deserve their due. But in one Disney Park, Cast Members might be taking a final bow.

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Credit: Disney

Following two sudden cancellations of Stars on Parade in Disneyland Paris due to striking Cast Members leaving the Park with no choice, Disneyland Paris is facing its most significant Cast Member deficit yet.

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According to @DLPReport, Disneyland Paris Unions UNSA, CGT, and CFTC plan a workers’ strike during the most critical Park hours on Tuesday, May 23. In a post capturing whispers of the strike on May 19, @DLPReport stated:

Disneyland Paris Unions UNSA, CGT and CFTC are expecting the next Cast Member strike may take place on Tuesday, May 23. If it goes ahead, Guests can expect potential disruptions to the Resort’s operations on that day.

In a post this afternoon, @DLPReport confirmed the Park plans:

Disneyland Paris Union UNSA has called for a general Cast Member strike tomorrow, Tuesday May 23 from 6am to 9am as part of some of the Cast’s ongoing fight for better pay and working conditions. It’s unclear what effect it may have (if any) on the Resort’s opening procedure.

Anyone with knowledge of the Disney Parks’ protocol can imagine the chaos to ensue if the workers don’t show up at Disneyland Paris in the morning. How will Guests enter the Parks? Where will the characters and Disney princesses be? Will attractions still operate?

Initial responses from the posts on Twitter are divided between frustrated overseas travelers and supportive voices who believe the strike is justified. No one can debate that the Cast Members drive the Disney experience, which could signal a considerable loss for Disneyland Paris.

With mounting tensions from the Nona Project being canceled, the Star Wars Hotel closing, and content being removed from Disney+, it remains to be seen if US Cast Members will follow suit. Disney Fanatic will share updates as this story develops.

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