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Disney Quietly Removes Popular Streaming Feature

Disney Plus Removes GroupWatch
Credit: Disney

In November 2019, The Walt Disney Company introduced the ultimate way for fans to be able to watch all of their favorite Disney films and television shows in one place — Disney+. Disney+ not only has classic Disney movies and shows, but there is also a lot of fun original programming. The streaming platform exploded, especially a few months later, when the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world like wildfire.

Disney Plus

Credit: Disney

Less than a year later, many people were still isolating and trying to keep each other safe and healthy. That’s a big reason why Disney+ introduced GroupWatch in September 2020. GroupWatch allowed people with Disney+ accounts to sync up their accounts and watch a movie or television show together. Up to seven households could sync up and enjoy a night of Disney magic.

Disney Plus GroupWatch

Credit: Disney

GroupWatch was quickly one of the most popular parts of the streaming service. Sadly, on September 18, 2023, for unknown reasons, Disney removed the GroupWatch feature. And fans were quick to notice.

@DisneyPlus – Thanks a lot for removing #groupwatch so we can’t watch our favorite shows with our child in college who is 260 miles away from home. Who needs family time anyway, right?

A lot of subscribers were upset because Disney is charging more than ever for the streamer, while at the same time, purging the platform of a ton of content and eliminating GroupWatch.

My husband has a remote job, and we kept Disney so we could #groupwatch together when we are apart. With Disney content spiraling downhill, we see no reason to keep it.

Overall, subscribers were disappointed that they could no longer connect with their loved ones in such a fun way.

Really unfortunate Disney Plus removed the GroupWatch feature. My long distance boyfriend and I would watch movies together on xbox and it was easy and convenient. Now they want us to use Apple SharePlay? Sad.

Disney+ Struggles

In the three years that Bob Chapek ran The Walt Disney Company, he consistently touted how Disney+ was on target to be profitable by 2024. He also boasted streaming numbers and how much subscribers loved the new and original content Disney was producing. However, it appears that Chapek might not have been completely honest.

Bob Chapek Disney Plus lawsuit

Credit: Disney

Multiple lawsuits have been filed against Bob Chapek, right-hand man Kareem Daniel, and former CFO Christine McCarthy. The lawsuits claim that Chapek, Daniel, and McCarthy actively worked to mislead investors about actual streaming numbers and how successful Disney+ really was. Investors also believe that Chapek lied to them about the true profitability of Disney+.

Christine McCarthy

Credit: Disney

Disney CEO Bob Iger has been more open about the struggles Disney+ is facing. Every quarter, the streamer loses millions of subscribers and hundreds of millions of dollars. In an effort to turn things around, Iger said that Disney is taking a closer look at the content it produces. The company is also removing content that is costing more to keep on the site than it is bringing in.

National Treasure Edge of History cast in 'prison'

Credit: Disney

Since Iger returned, a number of original shows have been canceled, including The Mysterious Benedict Society, The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, National Treasure: Edge of History, and Willow. They also canceled two series before they even landed on Disney+, but they had already been filmed. Those series were Nautilus and The Spiderwick Chronicles.

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