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Pixar Developing ‘Elemental’ Disney+ Project Amid Streaming Content Purge

Elemental Disney Plus series
Credit: Disney

Disney and Pixar’s Elemental film has been one of the biggest contenders for this summer’s “Little Engine That Could” award. While the movie started out with a measly opening box office showing, it proved all analysts wrong and held strong all summer. The film has now turned a profit for the Walt Disney Company, and the entertainment giant has yet to bring it to its Disney+ streaming platform over three months later.

However, one thing is certain with Disney. If a movie becomes profitable, the company will almost certainly turn it into a franchise. Recent reports indicate that Disney and Pixar might be working on multiple Elemental projects, including one for Disney+.

elemental disney biggest hit

Ember and Wade in ‘Elemental’. Credit: Disney

Elemental Box Office

Elemental opened this summer on June 16, 2023. The Pixar film, starring Leah Lewis and Mamadou Athie, was written off by critics after its opening weekend produced a low audience turnout and little profit. However, the film continued to have legs all summer and stayed pretty steady its entire run.

Elemental has now been called the most successful original Disney film in a long time. The movie has grossed around $445 million worldwide on a $200 million budget. This has made it a modest profit for Disney and is a miraculous comeback from its low opening.

Pixar elemental movie

Credit: Pixar

Elemental Disney Plus Series and Sequel

Elemental was a major point of discussion during a recent The Town Podcast with Matthew Melloni, a popular insider Hollywood Puck show. The episode titled “The Summer Box Office Awards Show” on August 31, 2023, saw host Matt talk about the many films released this summer with Jeff Bock from Exhibitor Relations. They discussed the surprisingly low box office profits of Disney’s live-action The Little Mermaid film and eventually dived into Pixar’s latest surprise.

At one point, Bock states, “Disney is also going to turn this [Elemental] into a Disney+ series, I heard.” He then throws another rumor out there. “And there might even be an Elemental sequel.”

Pixar's Elemental Box Office

Credit: Disney

Pixar on Disney+

While this is obviously only a single Hollywood insider’s statement, it is interesting to hear. It is unknown whether this Elemental Disney+ series would be an actual show like Monsters at Work or more in line with the studio’s popular shorts like Doug Days. With Pixar’s upcoming original series Win or Lose also in development, fans could have a lot to look forward to from the studio in the future.

Furthermore, the idea of an Elemental sequel is also surprising. The studio’s next two films are the original Elio, followed by Inside Out 2, another franchise sequel. The world and story of Elemental do have a lot of room for growth, and Disney might be interested to see what they can do with it.

It is important to reiterate that Disney nor Pixar have said anything official about a potential Disney+ Elemental series or sequel. Time will tell what the studios have in store for the future, but we can’t rule out Disney wanting to continue the miraculous comeback to profit the film had with fans. Disney has yet to announce a streaming release date for the Elemental movie, although it is currently available for purchase on demand.

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