Disney Souvenirs and Gifts Everyone Will Love Receiving

12. Mouse-house essentials

You can’t go wrong with a Disney-themed gift for the home. Kitchenware is undoubtedly the biggest seller among home essentials, and Mickey and Minnie are the most popular themes, boasting everything from trending items like dishes, cups, and cutlery to less obvious necessities such as ice cube trays, sink drain stoppers, character bag clips, bottle openers, and just about anything else you can imagine using in the kitchen. Some places even sport appliances like Mickey Mouse (or other character) waffle makers. And don’t forget fun touches like oven mitts, aprons, placemats, and anything else that appeals to whomever you are buying for. And in addition to the kitchen, themed home essentials may extend to also include such things as blankets, throws, pillows, and a broad assortment of other possibilities to ponder.

11. Designer Disney styles

Mickey Mouse T-shirt

Another magical recommendation to consider is that of Disney-themed apparel. In fact, it’s one of the most popular options to consider when buying a gift or souvenir for someone on your list. Whether it’s a T-shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie, jacket, pair of socks, or some other clothing item altogether, you can’t go wrong with character-themed, Park-themed, or attraction-themed apparel. Going this route, you’re bound to find something for anyone and everyone, whatever their ages or unique Disney interests.

10. Awesome accessories

Dooney and Bourke

Hand-in-hand with apparel, Disney-themed accessories also make the cut when considering ideal gifts or souvenirs to give to someone on your list. These can include anything from backpacks, handbags, purses, wallets, headbands, neckties, gloves, and more. And with so many different character themes, motifs, and unique styles to pick and choose from, the possibilities for what you can get are absolutely endless. So whether you’re rocking the black and white color scheme with your Cruella de Vil handbag or making a splash at work in your Finding Nemo necktie, Disney-themed accessories are incredibly awesome.

9. Jewelry

Diamond Swirl Necklace

Giving the gift of jewelry can be a most sentimental and meaningful gesture. Ranging in so many different styles, price ranges, and distinctions, jewelry gifts are among the more versatile themed Disney gift-giving options you may consider. And it isn’t just for women. Any little girl would love a Princess-themed locket or necklace, just as any man would proudly sport a Mickey Mouse watch. And the quality of such items can vary from affordable lower-cost alternatives to pricier precious metals and gemstones. In considering what to buy and for whom you are buying such items for, know that the options and variations are pleasantly plentiful.

8. Pricey collectibles

Expensive Shopping
Expensive Shopping

While jewelry can range in pricing from affordable costume pieces to more premium pricey selections, on the latter note, Disney Parks and other Disney locations are also renowned for turning out precious collectibles known the world over for being the finest of finest in quality and impeccable standards. These may include refined crystalized sculpted works, like those by the Arribas Brothers using Swarovski® crystals, pieces from the Jim Shore Disney Traditions collection, and other reputable companies proudly showcasing the Disney brand. Even various limited edition dolls, figurines, and other items can be valuable collectibles. Elite exclusives such as these may very well be the route to go when giving someone special a meaningful, commemorative precious gift to cherish.

7. Plush toys/figurines

Not all collections run high in pricing or impeccably expensive quality standards. For many Disney fans, cherished collectible mementos are nothing more or less than their favorite figurines or even plush toys—keeping their ever-growing Disney collections on the rise as a constant work-in-progress initiative. Some people keep to a tradition for collecting Disney character favorites from among Disney Parks® merchandise, like adding that hard-to-find Max Goof plush to sit next to Goofy on their Disney-themed bed back at home.

Or perhaps you’re looking to upgrade your Finding Nemo figurine collection by incorporating some new Finding Dory characters into the mix. Duffy the Bear is a popular plush toy companion, so maybe you or someone you know is keeping with the trend of updating his wardrobe regularly with new finds. Vinylmation was all the rage years ago, and for avid collectors the collection quest is still alive and well. Other popular crazes out there include those still loveable Tsum Tsums, Funko’s POP!  and vinyl figurines, and so many others. The point is any Disney toy or diversion can start of new tradition for growing a collection and cherishing memories. 

6. Game night goes Disney

If you have a family that likes to get together for game nights or if you enjoy congregating with friends for fun board game follies, then perhaps one of many Disney Park themed board games would be the perfect suggestion. Have you ever played the Disney Parks Theme Park Monopoly Edition, for instance, featuring properties and beloved attractions from both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland (depending on which edition you buy)? Or how about a little whodunit mystery with Clue® The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Disney Theme Park Edition? Other fun options include The Game of Life® The Haunted Mansion® Disney Theme Park Edition, the Pirates of the Caribbean Battleship Game, and many others, as well as checkers/chess sets, puzzles, LEGOs, and more. Disney Trivial Pursuit has also always been a timeless classic game among Disney fanatics.

5. Disney treats and eats

Disney Candy Shop

One of the most popular picks for presents to present to someone is a specialty candy of snack item. And you can’t go wrong with Disney’s lineup of themed treats and eats, many of which are available right onsite within the various shops and stores all throughout the Parks, resorts, and right in the heart of Disney Springs. Go nuts with Chip ‘N Dale Snack Company favorites, ranging in various snack mixes that include pretzels, dried fruit, and—you guessed it—nut varieties among many other selections. Something sweet from the vast assortment of Minnie’s Sweets goodies line of products is another option that’s sure to hit the spot each and every time. Other options include candies from Goofy’s Candy Co., Disney Main Street Popcorn selections, and many others. There are even a broad range of specialty diet treats and eats available as well, including gluten free cookies.

4. Coffee break anyone?

Much like sweet treats, savory beverage blends also make wonderful gift ideas. Mickey’s Really Swell Coffee, available in varying flavors, sampler packs, or full bags is a well-loved favorite for many. But if you’re not into coffee but rather chocolate, Mickey’s Really Swell also makes hot cocoa blends. Likewise, there are Wonderland Tea packs and variety samplers too. Whatever you choose in the way of flavor or preferred beverage, there’s one thing you can be sure about—there’s nothing better than washing down your favorite Disney sweet treat or snack with an equally satisfying hot beverage.

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