Disney Unveils Surprising Edible Treat

Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort (not to mention Disney Parks and Disney Resorts across the globe) rarely fail to disappoint when it comes to offering Disney Guests delicious, sustainable meals. Now, Disneyland has started offering another creative, eco-friendly treat — but it might not be what you expect!

In an effort to cut down on plastic use and the use of straws (which are not only terrible for the environment but can also cause very real suffering for marine life like sea turtles when the creatures get the straws stuck in their bodies), Disney has drastically cut down on offering single-use plastic lids or single-use plastic straws for drinks.

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Nowadays, Disney mainly offers paper straws and only provides them if a Guest really needs them — but Disneyland has taken this cutback one step further by actually creating edible straws!

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A Disney Guest named Danelle (whose Instagram handle is @forgingstars) recently spotted the new edible straws at the Candy Palace in Disneyland near Main Street U.S.A. Danelle shared a photo of the sign offering three different kinds of edible straws for Guests’ slushies: strawberry, lime, and lemon.

“On my next trip I plan to try one of these edible flavored straws!,” Danelle wrote on Instagram. “They’re available at the Candy Palace where the slushies are at the end of Main St.” Each edible straw only costs one dollar — and if most Disney dining is anything to go by, the straws are most likely delicious little desserts to top off your slushie on the go!

disney reusable straws

Reusable straws like these are available for purchase. Credit:

Have you ever tried an edible straw before? Was it delicious or strange? If you don’t like the idea of eating your straw (even if it does have strawberry, lemon, or lime flavors), then you may want to consider buying some reusable straws like the ones shown below.

Some Disneyland Resort establishments like World of Disney and the Disney Home Store offer reusable straws, but you can also buy plenty of cheap and good-quality ones elsewhere in the world to have a more eco-friendly and Earth-conscious Disney vacation!

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