How to Plan a Sustainable Wedding at Walt Disney World

Sustainable DIsney Weddings
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Dreaming of a Disney wedding? However grand and opulent you choose to celebrate your special day at the “Most Magical Place on Earth,” there are plenty of ways to make your event eco-friendly and create the ultimate Disney wedding with minimal impact on the environment. Keep reading to discover tips and ideas for how you can plan a sustainable wedding for you and your future spouse and any number of Guests at the Walt Disney World Resort.

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For starters, simply hosting your event at Walt Disney World in the first place is a great choice if being eco-friendly is part of your wedding plan as Walt Disney World, and the Walt Disney Company in general have a variety of sustainable practices in place across the resort.

The Walt Disney Company focuses on increasing use of sustainable energy and zero-waste process across all areas, including at resorts and Disney theme parks. In terms of dining, large quantities of leftover food waste is composted and shared with farms for soil use, while unused food is donated to local organizations to increase food security in nearby communities. So while the following tips will ensure an even more sustainable wedding day for you, you can rest assured knowing that Walt Disney World is already working toward helpful environmental practice during each of your vacations as well as your big day.

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As for wedding planning, one easy way to create a more sustainable event in Disney World or at home is to give Guests reusable favors. So many favors end up being thrown away when they are not built for the long-term or something your Guests will continue to use.

Disney Weddings recommends Corkcicle products as they will last long-term and can be customized with different designs. Another totally sustainable favor idea would be to make a donation to a charitable organization for each Guest in attendance, bonus points if the organization works toward greater sustainability themselves!

Using a venue that requires minimal if any decorations is another way to keep your event eco-friendly. With over 50 venues to choose from across Disney parks and resorts, there is no shortage of backdrops to keep your wedding memorable and unique, and decorations are not a necessity when you say “I do” in front of locales like a country in EPCOT’s World Showcase or Cinderella Castle.

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In terms of food waste, the easiest way to host a more eco-friendly event is to offer a plated dinner rather than buffet. Buffets have their advantages, too, where they allow Guests to customize their plate to exactly what they want, however, buffets do by their nature come with more food waste.

By offering a plated dinner, Guests will receive individual portions, and less food will be thrown out where it will not be left over on a buffet. Disney’s world-renowned chefs are incredibly skilled at creating tasty meals that satisfy the couple’s tastes as well as special diets, and they can even focus on sustainable items if it is important for you while planning your wedding day.

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Lastly, consider how your Guests will arrive at your wedding, or travel between different locations throughout the celebration. By planning a shuttle service, you can help keep more cars off the road while providing an added courtesy for Guests who need to travel during your event.

To get started on planning your sustainable wedding at the Walt Disney World Resort (or other Disney Weddings locations, including the Disneyland Resort and Disney Cruise Line, and Aulani in Hawai’i, visit Congratulations and happy planning!

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