Here’s Your Chance to See Disney’s ‘Wish’ Movie Before Anyone Else

Disney Wish early access
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The Walt Disney Company is putting a lot of hope in its upcoming animated film Wish. As a Thanksgiving holiday release that features a new Disney Princess and musical numbers, the animation studio has started a huge marketing campaign to push the film.

While Wish does not release until November 22, select theaters around the United States have just announced a special early access screening. However, limited showtimes and tickets mean you better act fast!

Wish honoring other disney movies

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Disney’s Wish Early Access Screening

Walt Disney Animation revealed that a special Wish advanced screening session will occur on November 18. Theaters have all teased the announcement. You can check your local theater to see if Wish is screening early, or head over to Fandango to snatch up early access tickets.

From the looks of it, each theater shows the film at 4:00 EST on Saturday, November 18. There is only one showing on this day. If you can’t get tickets or make this early access screening, you must wait until the official date of November 22 to see Wish.

With such a small amount of screenings and tickets, you are advised not to wait to purchase. While Disney has had some poorly received films this year, the hype for this movie is pretty high.

Disney Wish movie

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The Story of Disney’s Wish

In the enchanting realm of Rosas in Wish, we meet Asha. She is a quick-witted dreamer whose deepest desires possess remarkable power. One fateful day, her yearning summons a cosmic being, an effulgent orb of boundless energy named Star.

Asha and Star embark on an extraordinary journey that pits their unyielding determination against a formidable adversary – King Magnifico, the ruler of this mystical realm of Rosas.

Their mission is crystal clear: to rescue their beloved community and demonstrate that when a courageous individual’s indomitable spirit aligns with the cosmic magic of the stars, the most miraculous transformations can occur.

Asha, Valentino, Disney Wish movie

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Why the Excitement?

A stellar cast breathes life into this captivating tale. Academy Award-winning actor Ariana DeBose lends her voice to the fearless Asha. At the same time, Chris Pine channels the malevolent Magnifico, and the incomparable Alan Tudyk voices Asha’s cherished companion, Valentino the goat.

Steering this cinematic ship is Chris Buck, director of Frozen, and the talented Fawn Veerasunthorn. To add credibility, Jennifer Lee, the writer and co-director of Frozen and Frozen II, is the executive producer.

Unlike anything seen in Disney’s studio offerings, what makes Wish truly unique is its groundbreaking animation style. The film boasts a watercolor aesthetic layered upon the company’s traditional animation, a combination that early previews and test screenings have hailed as mesmerizing and a true visual wonder.

Audiences have been consistently impressed with everything they’ve seen, from the enchanting story to the spellbinding music. The film is set to celebrate Disney’s 100th anniversary as a company.

Asha Disney parks

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A Disney Celebration

Disney has also put much into the film over the past few weeks. Aside from a new trailer released earlier in October, music from the movie has been revealed, and the studio will continue to put out additional songs until November 22, when Wish comes to theaters.

Are you planning to see Wish in early access or waiting for opening week? Perhaps you will skip it and watch it when it comes to Disney+. Let us know in the comments, and stick with Disney Fanatic for all information surrounding the House of Mouse!

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