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In the one hundred years since it has been in existence, The Walt Disney Company has been known for many things. But one thing it is most well-known (and loved) for is creating incredible animated movies. Disney has taken classic tales — like Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast,¬†and¬†Alice in Wonderland — and turned them into gorgeous animated films. It has also created amazing original animated films, like Lilo & Stitch and¬†The Aristocats.

Lilo & Stitch

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Disney has been having some box office struggles lately. Elemental, Haunted Mansion, and Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny have all underperformed for the Mouse House. However, it looks like Disney may have just created a new animated film that could put the company back on top.

On September 28, Disney released the first full-length trailer for its new movie,¬†Wish. The film tells the story of Asha, a young woman who lives in the wish-granting kingdom of Rosas. Asha makes a wish on a star. That wish is so powerful that an energetic little star (named Star) is sent down to help her. Together — along with Asha’s goat Valentino — Asha and Star must work together to help defeat the evil King Magnifico.

In less than two days,¬†Wish¬†found itself breaking records. According to reports,¬†Wish¬†is Disney’s most-watched trailer on TikTok. It has surpassed trailers for¬†Frozen 2 that were released in 2019.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, the trailer has already been viewed over 66 MILLION times. It easily surpassed the teaser trailer, which was released in April and had more than 20 million views.

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There are a lot of things that fans will love about Disney’s new movie. In¬†Wish, Disney has taken animation and given it a little twist. Instead of being either 2D or 3D animation,¬†Wish¬†will be both! Giving it a truly unique look. The film’s directors have shared that the backgrounds were painted murals, like those used in the classic film,¬†Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Disney Wish Movie

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Wish¬†will also be filled with what the directors are calling “legacy nods.” Fans will be able to see a number of things in the movie that are a tribute to classic Disney animated movies. One of those “legacy nods” is the red apple that can be seen in King Magnifico’s lair. That red apple is a tribute to the red poison apple that the Evil Queen gave to Snow White in the 1937 film.

When asked exactly how many “legacy nods” there would be, the directors, Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn, couldn’t answer. They said it was dozens, and they would give a final answer when they were all counted.

Disney Wish movie

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One thing that fans are finding particularly special about Wish is that it goes back to the style of animated movies that Disney is known for. Especially when it comes to the villain, King Magnifico. While the King is beloved by the people of Rosas, the audience knows that he is the villain. They know that he is a liar and straight-up bad guy.

Disney Wish movie

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Wish¬†will hit theaters nationwide on November 22, 2023. The film will star Ariana DeBose as Asha, Chris Pine as King Magnifico, Alan Tudyk as Valentino, and Jennifer Kumiyama as Dahlia, Asha’s best friend.

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