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Asha From Upcoming ‘Wish’ Film Coming to Disney Parks

Asha Disney parks
Credit: Disney

Meeting Disney characters at the iconic theme parks is one of the more exciting aspects of a Disney vacation. When new movies premiere, it often comes with incredible characters to interact with. During the 2023 D23 event, Josh D’Amaro, Chairman of Parks, Experiences, and Products, unveiled that Asha from Disney’s upcoming animated film Wish will soon be coming to certain Disney park locations for guests to meet.

Disney Wish Movie

Credit: Disney

Wish Celebrates Disney History

Scheduled for a November 22nd release, Wish unveils the captivating journey of a young woman named Asha in the enchanting realm of Rosas, nestled within the Iberian Peninsula. This cinematic tale revolves around Asha’s bold confrontation with the enigmatic King Magnifico, who harbors an insatiable appetite for accumulating the wishes of his subjects. Notably, the film stars the Academy Award-winning sensation Ariana DeBose, renowned for her remarkable performance in West Side Story, alongside the exceptionally talented Chris Pine.

What sets Wish apart is its pioneering animation style, unlike anything ever witnessed in a Disney animated feature before. While it retains the essence of the modern Disney classics on the surface, this production leverages cutting-edge technology to craft scenes with an alluring two-dimensional painted aesthetic, ensuring a visually distinctive and captivating viewing experience.

Asha, Valentino, Disney Wish movie

Credit: Disney

Asha as a Meetable Character

With so much riding on this new film, it is no surprise that Disney wants to put Asha in the parks as soon as possible. Asha will appear as a meetable character at EPCOT in Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resort in California, and Disneyland Paris. While no official date was given for her debut, the November 22 release date means it will likely be before the end of the year. Asha has been described as a really fun character by the people who have seen early footage. She should prove a fun new princess for children and families to interact with.

Disney Wish Movie

Credit: Disney

In the spotlight as a centerpiece of Disney’s centennial celebration, Wish is one of the company’s flagship projects this year. It is pivotal in the 100-year-long celebration, making its release timing paramount. With its exceptional animation style, captivating narrative, and a cast of renowned stars, it has stirred a sense of cautious optimism among Disney fans, who hope it could reach the same heights of cinematic excellence as the beloved Frozen. Let’s hope Disney drops a new trailer for the film this weekend!

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