Disney, Give Us a New ‘Wish’ Trailer Already!

New Disney Wish movie trailer
Credit: Disney

If this article were a meme, it would be the endearing old Rose from Titanic, in which she laments 84 years of waiting. Walt Disney Animation Studios dropped a teaser trailer showing snippets from their next animated movie, Wish, four months ago in April. Since then, news on the film has been rather quiet. However, the initial trailer’s interesting new design and powerhouse song instantly intrigued fans. With just three months until the film’s release, we are desperate for more!

Disney Wish Movie

Credit: Disney

The Story of Disney’s Wish Movie

Wish introduces us to Asha, a quick-witted dreamer whose deepest desires hold an astonishing power. One fateful day, her longing summons a cosmic entity, a radiant orb of boundless energy known as Star. Asha and Star embark on an extraordinary quest that pits their unwavering determination against a formidable adversary: King Magnifico, the ruler of the mystical realm of Rosas. Their mission is clear – to rescue their beloved community and to illustrate that when the indomitable spirit of a courageous individual aligns with the cosmic magic of the stars, the most miraculous transformations can transpire.

A stellar cast brings this mesmerizing story to life, with Academy Award-winning actor Ariana DeBose lending her voice to the fearless Asha, Chris Pine channeling the malevolent Magnifico, and the incomparable Alan Tudyk voicing Asha’s cherished companion, Valentino the goat. Frozen director Chris Buck and the talented Fawn Veerasunthorn are steering this cinematic ship. Jennifer Lee, writer and co-director of Frozen and Frozen II, is also involved as executive producer.

Disney Wish film delay

Credit: Disney

New Disney Wish Movie Trailer

With September approaching, it seems Disney should be releasing a new trailer for Wish any day now. However, we only got a third trailer for Marvel’s upcoming The Marvels Film recently. Disney’s holiday animated films usually get a teaser trailer in the spring and a second meatier trailer in the fall. With this in mind, anticipation is high that Wish will deliver the goods at any moment. If we had to guess, the entertainment giant might be making us wait until D23 in the coming weeks. However, many Disney fans, us included, are bad at patience.

Wish utilizes a brand new animation style never before used in a Disney studio offering. It features a watercolor aesthetic on top of the company’s traditional animation. Early previews and test screenings have called the stylized look mesmerizing and a wonder to see on screen. In fact, these same audiences have praised almost everything they have seen so far, from the story to the music.

To be fair, Disney did release a very small amount of new footage this month. A television preview gave fans a VERY brief glimpse at Chris Pine’s Magnifico, but the rest of the footage was largely recycled from the previous trailer. You can see it for yourself below.

With its November 22, 2023 release date approaching fast, Disney will want to enter marketing mode now for Wish. The film celebrates the company’s 100-year anniversary and includes a short called Once Upon a Studio. Disney has apparently brought back over 40 classic voice actors to reprise their roles for this event. It is obvious it wants a hit here on the caliber of Frozen. With its questionable 2023 box office successes, Disney could use one. Any day now, Disney…any day.

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