Disney World Fentanyl Overdose Deemed “Accidental”

Disney World Overdose

In May 2021, U.K. resident, Philip Weybourne, had traveled to the United States and visited Walt Disney World Resort with his wife and young son. The family was enjoying their holiday and staying at Disney’s Yacht Club. On the day of Weybourne’s death, the family woke up late, ready to enjoy a relaxing day. They ate lunch at the famed Boathouse restaurant in Disney Springs. They later went back to the Yacht Club, and Mr. Weybourne went down to one of the hotel bars to have a few drinks. Shortly after leaving the bar, Mr. Weybourne collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.

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According to Mrs. Weybourne, the man made it to the hospital alive, but quickly began to deteriorate. Sadly, doctors were unable to revive Mr. Weybourne, and he passed away at 8:06 p.m. Preliminary reports indicated that Mr. Weybourne died due to cardiac arrest brought on by fatal levels of fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opiate.

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Now, the inquest into Mr. Weybourne’s death has been completed, and his death has been deemed “accidental”, and it appears that Mr. Weybourne did not realize he was ingesting fentanyl. Per a report from Metro:

Jonathan Canada, deputy sheriff of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, said in a report that Mr Weybourne had taken a taxi in which officers found a bag ‘that appeared to be packaged as an unknown type of illicit drug’.

It contained a powder that police believe he obtained in the American Boulevard area of Orlando.

Dr Joshua Stephany, chief medical examiner at the Orange County Medical Examiner’s Office, later confirmed in an autopsy that he had died because of fentanyl toxicity and said no other illegal substances were found in his body.

Stephany determined the manner of death as an ‘accident’ and suggested that Weybourne may not have known he had bought fentanyl.

He said: ‘Like any unknown substance bought illicitly, you don’t know what you’re buying or taking.’

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According to research, fentanyl is one of the single deadliest drugs in the world, and just a small amount can be fatal. Sadly, more and more people are overdosing while not even realizing they are taking fentanyl. Other drugs are being laced with fentanyl in order to make them more addictive, but many times, those who purchase the other drugs don’t know about the fentanyl.

Drugs are strictly prohibited on Walt Disney World Resort property, and, if you are caught with them, you may be asked to leave and banned from visiting Disney in the future.

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