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Expert Studies Disneybounding, Finds Surprising Results About Millennials

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Any Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort fan worth their salt knows the term “Disneybounding,” which essentially involves dressing in clothing and accessories that mimic Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, or Pixar characters’ costumes — without, of course, violating Disney’s famously-stringent dress code rules in the Disney Parks.

Disneybounding is Disney Guests’ workaround when it comes to Disney dress codes and Disney Park vacations, allowing them to portray their beloved Disney characters (ranging from Marvel villains to Disney princesses) in creative ways.

Now, an expert has actually analyzed Disneybounding trends and revealed which costumes appeal to Disney Park Guests the most!

Princess Disney Bounding

Princess Disney Bounding Credit: Teresa Jack TikTok

In an interview with the Washington Post, Texas Tech University lecturer Stephanie Williams-Turkowski revealed that she carried out an exhaustive study of Disneybounding as a Disney Park phenomenon, and that the results revealed multiple conclusions.

According to Williams-Turkowski, the most popular Disneybounding costume choices and outfit styles were those of Disney princesses, as well as the “fab five” (i.e Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, their friend Goofy, and the couple known as Donald Duck and Daisy Duck).

Princess Elsa, Rapunzel, Princess Tiana, Cinderella

Princess Elsa, Rapunzel, Princess Tiana, and Cinderella

Star Wars characters have also been seeing a rise in popularity, however, and both Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland characters’ likenesses are in demand as well — although interestingly enough, Williams-Turkowski said that millennials are the ones who “really like the ‘Never grow up’ themes of Alice and Peter.”

disney guest dress code

Disneybounding involves dressing up in an outfit or style that is inspired by a favorite Disney character — but you may also risk violating the Disney dress code.

Williams-Turkowski also made another intriguing observation about Disneybounding. “I found that when you recognize somebody and their efforts that they put toward bounding — whether it was on the simplest side of the scale or the most extravagant — it was not only validation to them, but it was also like a nod to a secret club,” the Disneybounding expert explained.

Do you enjoy Disneybounding on your Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort vacations?

Have you ever dressed up as any of the aforementioned Disney or Star Wars characters while visiting the Disney Parks — and if you’re a millennial, are you drawn to Disney characters from stories about ‘never growing up’ specifically?

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