Disney Park Shockingly Flooded Day After Hurricane

Hurricane Hilary Disneyland
Credit: @pinaatronn, TikTok

Hurricane Hilary may have just finished bombarding the southern coast of California, but it seems like no one has let that ruin their Disney vacation plans. While a hurricane striking southern California was surprising, the crowds at Disneyland Resort were even more shocking. Videos on social media showed the vacation destination was absolutely FLOODED with visitors just a single day after Hurricane Hilary came through.

Hurricane strike Disney Resort

Credit: Flickr, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Hurricane Hilary Hits Disneyland

Hurricane Hilary brought some consistent rain to the California theme park. However, both Disneyland and California Adventure made it through just fine. The intense weather system was actually downgraded to a tropical storm shortly before reaching Disneyland.

However, social media had shown that visitors quickly returned to the park in astonishing numbers the next day, creating a bustling scene that left many in awe. While the hurricane’s impact was relatively mild, the unexpected surge in attendance at the Anaheim park was nothing short of remarkable. This was especially true as Disneyland Resort closed early in anticipation of the storm.

Sleeping Beauty Castle, Disneyland Park, Disneyland Resort

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Disneyland Closes Early

In the best interest of guest safety, Disneyland Resort made the prudent decision to close its gates ahead of Hurricane Hilary’s arrival temporarily. This marked the first time in its history that Disneyland California had shut down in anticipation of a hurricane. The early closure, which took effect at 9 p.m. Sunday, August 20, ensured that visitors and employees had ample time to seek shelter and make alternative arrangements as the Category 2 hurricane approached.

The Downtown Disney District, a shopping and dining hub adjacent to the park, also heeded the warnings and closed its doors at 11 p.m. that night. The resort’s hotels, however, remained open, offering a safe haven for those who had planned to stay on Disney property during their visit.

What Happens Hurricane Disneyland

Disneyland Crowds After Hurricane Hilary

TikTok user @pinaatronn uploaded footage of guests crowding Main Street, U.S.A. on the day after the storm. The popular pathway looked hard to navigate as many people filled the street. Summer crowds have started to diminish as kids return to school, so it was interesting to see the park this full.


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There were a few reasons this probably occurred. Most likely, many locals had the day off work, and schools remained closed due to the weather. The park had also closed early the night before, meaning Disneyland vacationers were probably eager to make up for lost time.

Nevertheless, seeing crowds this size at Disneyland just after a hurricane was pretty impressive. Hurricane Hilary was a historical event for California, but we were happy to see it didn’t bear down on Disneyland. Here’s hoping Walt Disney World in Florida is just as lucky this year!

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