Amid Deadly Heat, Disney World Faces a Potentially Disastrous Hurricane Season

Disney World hurricane season
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Walt Disney World in Florida is being bullied by Mother Nature this summer. The theme park has dealt with some crazy weather of record-breaking proportions, and it doesn’t look to be letting up. Guests currently visiting Disney World are experiencing some dangerous and nasty heat, and the Park may be in for even more trouble this year.

Impending Hurricane

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Disney World Hurricane Season

The National Hurricane Center has doubled its prediction for an above-average hurricane season this year. The research center originally believed there was a 30% chance that the 2023 hurricane season would have increased activity, but they have now set the chance to 60%.

The update blames ongoing record-breaking sea surface temperatures for the prediction. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the heat has caused noticeable changes in the tempering effects of El Niño. Normally, this weather phenomenon acts to decrease the chances of hurricane activity. However, the intense heat has put a wrench in this support system.

Furthermore, the NHC expects between 2-5 major hurricanes to form in the Atlantic this year. While this is bad enough, it also predicts 14-21 named storms, 6-11 being hurricanes. Not all of these tropical storms will strike Disney World or Florida, but visitors should remember this when planning a vacation and prepare accordingly.

disney world heat advisory

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Disney World Deals With Intense Heat

The National Weather Service has already issued an Excessive Heat Warning for the Walt Disney World theme park area this week. Temperatures are expected to be excessive each day, with heat index values as high as 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Long lines and extreme temperatures are a dangerous combination. The National Weather Service advises that indoors is the best place to be during this time. If you are outside at Disney World or anywhere in Florida, be sure to stay hydrated and take frequent indoor rest breaks.

A History of Hurricanes

The Florida theme park is no stranger to inclement weather. Hurricane Ian most recently shut down Disney World for two days last year. Prior to this, the Parks closed for several major storms, including Hurricane Irma in 2016 and Dorian in 2017. Hurricane Charley in 2004 was the worst storm to hit Disney World, causing extensive damage to the theme parks and resorts.

Despite the ever-growing potential for disastrous hurricane activity, Walt Disney World Resort has always prepared and acted accordingly. No storm has ever done enough damage to stop the Park from operating for more than a few days. However, visitors to the Sunshine State should always be well prepared and monitor the National Hurricane Center during hurricane season.

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