Another Strike Coming? Disney Meeting With Cast Members to Avoid Disaster

Disneyland Paris meeting with Cast Members to avoid strike
Credit: DLP Report

How many strikes can Disney possibly have at one time? They may be about to find out. While Walt Disney Studios are dealing with duel strikes from the Screen Actors Guild and the Writers Guild of America, Disney is trying to avoid dealing with a third strike behind the scenes.

Disneyland Paris Cast Member strike begins again

Credit: DLP Report

Cast Members and their Union at Disneyland Paris have set up a timetable for their meeting with Disney’s management to negotiate a new contract. The first meeting will occur on August 31, with two more meetings scheduled for September 14 and 28. Disney hopes to avoid another embarrassing shutdown of its flagship European Park.

Cast Members at Disneyland Paris began striking in early May. The strikes started small but ran throughout the Parks, disrupting most activities, including Parades. But as Disney refused to negotiate with the striking Cast Members, the strikes got bigger and started taking over more significant parts of the Parks. At one point, the Cast Members overtook Sleeping Beauty Castle and refused to move. Disneyland Paris was forced to cancel all evening Parades and fireworks.

As the strikes continued, Disneyland Paris Cast Members got into several altercations with security forces brought in by Disney to control the crowds. The security even started going undercover to thwart the striking workers. Disney refused to meet with the striking workers until August and held a conference call that the Union representing the Cast Members called a “disaster” and “train wreck.”

In early July, the Union announced they would end their strikes for July and August. At the time, there were several strikes and civil unrest in France. However, the Cast Members said they would consider striking again in September, depending on how the negotiations with Disney went.

The striking workers are seeking a weekly pay raise of $215 U.S., improvements to the length of service bonus, and increased pay for working on Sundays. It should be noted that the Cast Members in France make more than their counterparts at the Walt Disney World Resort.

DLP Strike June 19

Credit: DLP Report

Because Disneyland Paris is a joint venture with the local government, the profits for that one Park are released to the public. Last year, Disneyland Paris made $51 million in profit with $2.6 billion in revenues. It was the first time in a decade that the Park had made money.

The original Cast Member strike disrupted Guests and caused numerous cancellations throughout Disneyland Paris Resort. The daily strikes usually start in Walt Disney Studios Park and go through Disneyland Paris Resort.

The Walt Disney Company has not commented on the strikes or the ongoing negotiations with Cast Members.

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