Social Media Calls Kids Spoiled For “Expecting” Disneyland Trip

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Christmas morning went wrong for one family after two children assumed their big gift was a surprise vacation to Disneyland Resort. The young Disney Park fans were opening gifts from their grandparents when one of them suggested that the themed gifts implied a trip to The Happiest Place on Earth.

Nicole Paine (@nicole.paine) shared the short video of her kids on TikTok. It went instantly viral, amassing over two hundred thousand likes and comments.

“Christmas present from grandparents gone wrong…oops,” Paine wrote.


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In the video, both children open Disney-inspired gifts from their grandparents.

“We’re going to Disneyland?” the little girl asks before she can finish unwrapping.

The family’s younger son pulled out a Mickey Mouse plush, which he excitedly held up and exclaimed, “We’re going to Disneyland!”

Two guests watch the fireworks nighttime spectacular at Disneyland Park.

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Both kids squealed with delight as their parents reminded them that the gifts were from their grandparents and they weren’t going to Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure Park!

Commenters were split on the video–some felt the children were spoiled for “expecting” a Disneyland surprise. One popular response distastefully implied that the kids’ behavior somehow indicated that they had mental disabilities. (Inside the Magic will not be featuring that comment.)

“Wow…. the expectations…. good luck with that,” @hotmesskanamom wrote.

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“My anger issues could never,” said @ilxvkzr1.

“Why are they behaving so appallingly?!” @felixbunny77 asked.

Others shared in the family’s Christmas morning cheer.

“Someone watched too much TikTok,” @knottacloo_Farms commented. “Guess you’re going to Disney.”

Main Street, U.S.A, station with the Disneyland Railroad train arriving at the station above the Mickey Mouse floral array that greets guests in the entrance to Disneyland Park

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“Did she just girlboss her way into a trip to Disneyland?” @l8678766.

“This is great,” @danilynng wrote. “Hope the grandparents got a good laugh.”

Paine said the video was all in good fun, and no one ended Christmas disappointed or angry. The grandparents in question had just returned from Disneyland Resort and sent the toys as souvenirs.

“Just meant to be funny,” Paine replied to one commenter. “They’re just playing.”

Has your surprise Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort vacation ever gone wrong? 

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