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Former Disney Executive Hired by TikTok to Manage Company Reputation

Disney executive TikTok

The Walt Disney Company’s former senior executive vice president and chief communications officer is now onboard to spearhead the public relations strategies for TikTok. Zenia Mucha, a prominent Disney powerhouse, spent twenty years at the company before leaving in 2021. At TikTok, Mucha is hired in the newly formed role of chief brand and communications officer, which puts her in ...

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Disney Character Flashes Emergency Signal, Rushed Out of Parade

Disney Character Malfunction

Disney Parades can be some of the most magical experiences families have during their day in the Theme Parks. Guests can see the amazing floats, sing along to a special song or medley, and see all of their favorite characters in one place. Unfortunately, though, not every parade goes as planned. Related: How Apple, Google are Trying to Make Disney ...

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Another Guest Caught Sneaking Child Into Disney Park

Caught sneaking into Disney

While it may appear to be all smiles, the gates of Disney’s Magic Kingdom and other Theme Parks are better guarded than one might think. And one aspiring Guest found that out the hard way. The Walt Disney World Resort offers free access to little Guests two years old and younger, and every once in a while, we find a ...

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Mickey Mouse Punched, Kicked in Viral TikTok

hasbulla mickey mouse disneyland

TikTokers have become the bane of Disney fans’ existence. Many are frustrated with the influencer community for their lack of regard for fellow Guests, rules, and codes of conduct in the Parks. One of the primary behaviors that Disney Fanatics can be irritated by is what TikTokers will do for views on the social media platform. There was even a ...

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Another TikToker Kicked Out of Disney Park

Stupid People at Disney

Undoubtedly, there are several moments in every Disney Park Day when security has to forcibly escort a Guest back to “The World of Today” from “The World of Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Fantasy” that we never hear about it. But TikTok and other forms of social media have become a means by which some of the newly banished can testify against ...

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Latest TikTok Challenge Has Guest Leaving Graffiti on Disney Castle

TikTok Graffiti Disney Castle

It’s all about what you think you can get away with, right? Over the last two years, it seems that TikTok has become home for all of the less-than-tasteful Disney Theme Park videos and “challenges” that involve Guests doing a variety of things that can earn a variety of punishments from a stern talking to from a Cast Member or ...

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Disney Parks Recruiting In-House Influencers, Theme Park Vloggers

New Disney Parks Social Media Job

It appears that Disney Parks is taking matters into their own hands as its fans continue to demand action regarding the seemingly uncontrolled storm of Theme Park Vloggers and Influencers. Acknowledging the never-tiring demand for in-Park pictures and videos, Disney Parks has begun searching for social media content creators at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. Check it out: ...

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