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VIDEO: Child Gets To Meet His Hero in Disney Park

In a genuinely heartwarming interaction, a little boy fulfilled his dream of meeting his hero at a Disney Park, and the video is to die for. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Cast Members truly make the Disney experience. They are the heart and soul of every Disney Park, whether during normal functioning or an emergency. Read ...

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Disney Adults Under Fire AGAIN In Viral TikTok

disney adults tiktok

In a TikTok that has since gone viral, Disney Adults were under fire again for their choice to go to a Disney Park. Disney Adults have become one of the least popular groups on the internet. The term became popular enough for publications like Rolling Stone and Insider to write articles about the phenomenon. What’s more? Disney Adults who frequent Disney Parks and ...

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Influencer Devastated At Defacing of Disney Park Family Brick

influencer disneyland brick

The Disney Parks are places of magic and wonder, but sometimes, Guests can behave in ways that are less than acceptable. Being an active part of the Disney Park experience is something any Guest would love. Disney fans love to find ways to make their Disney visit special, and Cast Members often go above and beyond to do the same ...

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TikTok Live Streams are the New Flash Photography

tiktok live disneyland

The Tiktokers are at it again, and fellow Disney Park Guests are slowly getting more and more fed up with their antics. The Disney Parks are the sites of the most magical vacations for most people. Guests of all ages flock to the Theme Parks from all over the world to get their fix of the Disney experience and Disney ...

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VIDEO: More TikTok Trends Find Their Way to Disney Parks

tiktok trend disneyland

In yet another instance of TikTok finding its way into a Disney Park, another TikTok trend video has gone viral. TikTok and Disney Parks have a contentious relationship. Disney Guests and fans often point to the social media platform and its nature of garnering views to explain some of the bizarre happenings at the Disney Parks. Related: Op-Ed: TikTok Isn’t ...

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Yet Another TikTok Influencer Rude to Cast Member

influencer rude cast member

Tiktokers can have a contentious relationship with Disney Parks: and we have yet another story about a rude TikTok Influencer. Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are places of much content creation for TikTokers, Disney Vloggers, and influencers. The Parks, with their myriad attractions and rides, are a great place to get footage, and many content creators take full ...

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Op-Ed: TikTok Isn’t Why Guests Behave Badly in Disney Parks

tiktok disney parks

Hot-take for the week: We need to stop blaming TikTok for Disney Park go-ers choosing to enact dangerous stunts. TikTok has been at the center of many recent Disney Parks stories, including many that we at Disney Fanatic have reported on. Cast Members and Guests often take to the platform to share their stories and experiences at the Parks. Recently, ...

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VIDEO: Disney Adult Climbs Cinderella Castle

Guest Climbs Cinderella Castle

Once again, we find adult Guests of the Walt Disney World Resort climbing on stuff to get views on Social Media. This time someone got onto the second-floor balcony of Cinderella Castle at The Magic Kingdom. Off-limits to Guests, this balcony is used for Cast Members in a variety of ways, including hosting Cinderella’s Ugly Step Sisters during the time ...

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VIDEO: Viral TikToker Infuriates Former Cast Member

viral tiktoker cast member

A former Cast Member spoke out about some videos from a viral TikToker, infuriated with their behavior at a Disney Park. TikTok has certainly had an impact on Disney Parks considering many TikTokers create content while at the Parks. Unfortunately, TikTok trends have also influenced and caused Guests to partake in behaviors that are most certainly not allowed. One TikTok ...

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‘Disney Adult’ Trespasses into Space Mountain Display

Guest Trespasses on Space Mountain

Those who have braved the science-fiction thrill of Disney World’s Space Mountain will be familiar with the beautiful displays as they were led out of the ride. These displays are advertisements for fictional tourist destinations across Tomorrowland’s Galaxy. These displays are for viewing only, but it appears one Guest decided to get a closer look. TikToker @embleier recently shared a ...

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