Disney Heads to the Galápagos with National Geographic


If you love exotic adventures and far-flung destinations, and you also have a soft spot for wildlife and Disney magic, then Adventures by Disney (and its affiliates National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions) has the trip for you! One of the recent additions to the National Geographic offerings is an expedition cruise to the Galápagos, and the first private expedition cruise of the season is about to be underway. Check out some of the details below!

Seal swimming in the water

The famously curious and bold sea lions from the Galápagos Credit: Disney Parks Blog / Lindblad Expeditions

Melody Vagnini, a Public Relations Manager for Disney Signature Experiences, shared the news on the Disney Parks Blog. She describes the Galapagos as “a place unlike any other that has inspired many an explorer, scientist, researcher, photographer, traveler … you name it”!

Adventures by Disney has already created exciting and inspiring itineraries for Disney Guests who are on a Disney expedition cruise, but Disney’s involvement with National Geographic (and Lindblad Expeditions, another high-end adventure company) means that this new National Geographic Galapagos expedition cruise is definitely going to be on a higher level.

On the Trail, Bartolome Island, Galapagos National Park, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

A private expedition to Bartolome Island in the Galápagos Credit: Disney Parks Blog / Lindblad Expeditions

If you want to get a taste of the trip, keep an eye on Good Morning America on ABC this week to see some live broadcasts from the Galapagos cruise and Lindblad’s boat (the National Geographic Endeavour II)!

Blue-footed boobie

The famous blue-footed booby from the Galápagos Credit: Disney Parks Blog / Lindblad Expeditions

The involvement of National Geographic Expeditions and Lindblad Expeditions in this trip also means that Guests on the trip are getting exclusive guidance from “a dynamic team of world-renowned explorers and expert naturalists”. National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions adventure guides are truly experts in their chosen fields, so the experience will definitely be enhanced further.

The legendary marine biologist Sylvia Earle is one of the featured experts and adventure guides!

Couple Kayaking in the Galapagos

Kayaking in the Galápagos Credit: Disney Parks Blog / Lindblad Expeditions

Melody Vagnini also emphasized that “the best part is that no trip is exactly the same. The day’s program is purposefully designed to be flexible so that travelers can take time to fully appreciate the extraordinary wildlife of the region”.

An adventurous expedition with a flexible itinerary will allow for even more bonus experiences! Kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, glass-bottom boat rides, historical sites, and hiking are all part of the overall journey.

And then, of course, there is the famous Galapagos wildlife! Species like giant tortoises are unique to the islands since the islands’ isolation has forced them to evolve without outside influences. They are also famously comfortable around people, since most of the time they have not been harmed by people like wildlife has everywhere else in the world.

While you’re taking in the sights (and the famous giant tortoises and friendly sea lions), National Geographic-Lindblad certified photo instructors will also be present to help you get great photos of your trip.

Sunset with Galapagos Sea Lion

A sea lion in hte Galápagos Credit: Disney Parks Blog / Lindblad Expeditions

Traveling by sea on a small ship (or in a Zodiac landing craft) and seeing some unique sights among a group of expert adventure guides means that you’ll be able to really live out your inner dreams about being a voyager like Moana, an explorer like Dr. Lily Houghton, or an adventurer like Indiana Jones! Are you going to book this unique National Geographic and Lindblad expedition cruise?

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