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Do Former Republican Fans Hate Disney?

republicans hate disney
Credit: Disney/Canva

A recent report explores the question of how those on the conservative side of the spectrum feel about the Walt Disney Company.

The Walt Disney Company has faced its share of criticism from various segments of society, no matter which end of the political spectrum. Be it those who are left-leaning or those who are right-leaning, many have expressed issues with the choices that the Mouse House has made over the last few years.

When Disney makes decisions that—in their mind—promote inclusion and diversity, then many slam these choices, calling it “pandering to woke audiences” and propagating a “woke agenda.” However, on the flip side, those on the left also don’t appreciate Disney, feeling like the company is not doing enough to be inclusive.

Disney CEO Bob Iger with Mickey Mouse

Disney CEO Bob Iger with Mickey Mouse / Credit: Disney

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Disney Takes on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

A lot of this came to the fore when Disney ended up embroiled in a battle with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The war began when former Disney CEO Bob Chapek spoke out against the “Don’t Say Gay” bill (known formally as the Parental Rights in Education Act) when Governor DeSantis announced the legislation. DeSantis took issue with this and, over the months, vowed to make sure Disney knew “there was a new sheriff in town.”

However, as this fight has continued, both parties have taken many swings at the other, ultimately resulting in lawsuits that have since simmered down. Disney has also backtracked, and it’s clear that this war with Disney has hurt DeSantis’s political campaign.

Deseret News reported, “Former President Donald Trump, DeSantis’ top competition in the 2024 presidential election, posted on Truth Social last month, saying that the Florida governor ‘is being absolutely destroyed by Disney,’ which, he added, might announce ’a slow withdrawal or sale of certain properties.’”

But the truth is, the war has hurt Disney, too. Recent news explains that Disney has lost 45% of the country over this feud.

disney desantis fight

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Disney CEO Bob Iger / Credit: Gage Skidmore, Flickr; Disney

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The news outlet also explains that many Republican Americans don’t support Disney and are on DeSantis’s side in this feud. They add, “A poll from Harvard-Harris conducted last month found that nearly half of registered voters — and 73% of Republican voters — support DeSantis’ attempts to limit Disney’s autonomy.”

This also isn’t all. Recently, Disney has also been noted to be one of the most polarizing brands in America—a huge change from the company that once prided itself on sitting firmly in the center and staying out of political debates.

the walt disney company

The Walt Disney Company / Credit: Disney

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The Axios Harris Poll that ranks the reputations of different corporations found that Disney ranked as the fifth most polarizing brand out of a hundred others. The poll quantifies “the trust, character, and trajectory of the Mickey Mouse company, as perceived by Democrats and Republicans,” giving each company a score.

It shares that this score is at 80.3 for Democrats, and the same score sunk to 61 for Republicans. This is notable because while, on average, brands demonstrated a 4.4 average difference between the two audiences, for Disney, the average gap between Democrats and Republicans was 19.3. It’s a stark difference.

This said, Disney is seemingly aware of this reality.

Disney CEO Bob Iger shared earlier this year that the company has gotten too involved in politics and intends to take a step back from this and “quiet the noise.” And it’s not surprising considering Iger’s big priority at the moment is taking Disney into the new era post the difficult year of restructuring.

Walt Disney

Founder of the Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney / Credit: Disney

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