The $500 Luxury Minnie Mouse Ears

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In recent years, many people have criticized Disney for being out of touch with the average American. But I’m not talking about the battle with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

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DeSantis responds to billionaire donor criticism over Disney

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And I’m also not referring to the films that have bombed (The Marvels, Haunted Mansion, Strange World, etc.).

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The Marvels Movie

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I’m referring to pricing out consumers.

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Is Disney Becoming Too Expensive?

Disney being viewed as a premium brand is nothing new. Going on a Walt Disney World Resort vacation was never “cheap.” There was always the cost of a hotel, park tickets, food, parking, and souvenirs.

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However, many have claimed that in recent years Disney has raised their prices to unaffordable levels for the average middle-class family in America.

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The Walt Disney Company is always criticized for raising its theme park admission, parking fees, or food prices. And many (including hardcore Disney fans) have pushed back on removing the free Fast Pass system and the Magical Express (among other perks).

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Many have accused Disney of appealing to the super-wealthy while pricing out the middle class.

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As such, it’s always interesting when Disney introduces a new experience (like the $97,000 suite on the Disney Treasure) or product, such as this Swarovski crystal Minnie Mouse Ear headband.

The Pricey Minnie Mouse Ears

Priced at $450 (around $500 after tax), the new headband is being sold for over ten times the price of a regular pair of Disney ears.

Designed to celebrate Disney100, the adult Minnie Mouse headband has padded ears and a pink satin bow. It also has a metal plaque engraved with the Disney100 logo. The ears come in a commemorative cinch bag (that also contains the Disney100 logo).

Expensive Minnie Mouse Ears

Credit: Disney

Decorated with genuine Swarovski crystals, the dazzling piece is a limited-release product from Disney with a certificate of authenticity.

Minnie Mouse Ears

Credit: Disney

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The ShopDisney website describes the earband as such:

“Minnie Mouse’s sparkling personality is on full display with this glamorous ear headband created in celebration of Disney’s 100th anniversary. The special limited release headband features padded ears and a pink satin bow covered in genuine Swarovski® crystals so you’ll enjoy dazzling days at the Park for ears to come!”

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It is a collector’s item, but that doesn’t mean people won’t be sporting it at the theme parks or during their Disney vacation. If there’s one thing Disney fanatics love, it’s showing support for the House of Mouse in style!

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