Dog Dies After Left by Guests in Disney Parking Lot All Day

Dog left in Disney World parking lot

Guests returned to their car after a day in a Disney Park to find the dog they left in their car had passed away. Despite the Walt Disney World Resort having an array of pet boarding options, including accommodations at the Resort hotels and even special boarding called Best Friends Pet Care, a luxury pet Resort, the dog was reportedly left with two cats–who were still alive–in a car with no A/C sitting underneath the hot Florida sun.

Disney World Parking Lot

The unsettling news comes from an employee of the veterinary who shared a Yelp! Review that the family left recounting the news and argued their side on the matter. It appears that after they informed this unnamed vet office that their dog died after being left in a car at Disney World all day, the authorities were called, most likely to respond to animal cruelty-related accusations.

Here is the full story below from the perspective of the dog’s owner:

A client who left their dog in a hot car all day to go to Disney left this review for our clinic 🙂
byu/busangcf inVetTech

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The anonymous vet employee went on to comment:

Owners were new clients who brought in their dog DOA after leaving it in their car in the parking lot while they enjoyed a Disney day ?. They also had two cats in the car btw (cats lived though). Funny how they’re so “poor” that they can’t afford day boarding for their pets so they leave them in a hot car all day, but they can apparently afford tickets to one of the most expensive theme parks in the US. And now we’re the bad guys because we immediately reported them to the authorities. I love clients.

It should be mentioned at this point that Best Friend Pet Care boarding starts at just $30/day. The employee also reported that after talking with the family, the cops took away the two cat carriers and filled out some paperwork.

At this time, there is no official report from Walt Disney World on the matter, and it is unclear if this family lost custody of their cats and/or if they are facing any charges.

The Walt Disney World Resort offers a variety of pet-friendly options for the furry members of your family who do not have the service animal credentials to remain with you throughout the entire day, including special options at select Resorts. Click out link below to learn more about your options.

Mickey greets a 4 legged pal

Credit: Disney

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