Drunk Woman Arrested as Disney Parks Evacuated Ahead of Hurricane

Woman arrested Downtown Disney
Credit: DeadlyNigxtshade TikTok

When people visit Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, they typically expect the weather to be warm and sunny. Which is what it is about ninety percent of the time. It rains occasionally and can get very chilly during the winter when the sun goes down. But overall, light and airy clothes and sunblock are almost guaranteed to be needed. Recently, though, The Happiest Place on Earth experienced some truly wild weather.

Disneyland Happiest Haunts Tour

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On August 20, Hurricane Hilary struck the Resort. It was the first time that a hurricane had hit Southern California in almost 100 years. Disneyland does not have the same hurricane protocols that Walt Disney World Resort does — for obvious reasons — so many were unsure of what to do. The day the hurricane hit, both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure closed a little early.

Hurricane Hilary

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While many guests were preparing for the hurricane and deciding whether to alter their Disney plans, one woman decided to take a different route. TikToker DeadlyNigxtshade shared a video of a woman getting arrested and screaming at the cops. When the video starts, the woman is already being approached by Anaheim police officers. The officer has his hand on her arm and is telling her she is under arrest. The woman shrieks and tells him that she is hurting her arm.


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The woman continues to resist, and two other officers come over to help the first one. The video then cuts, so we don’t know if she was actually hauled away in handcuffs. Although, based on her behavior, that’s probably exactly what happened.

Commenters were shocked that a person could behave so poorly at Disneyland that they would actually get arrested. Many speculated that she sounded like she was intoxicated, which led to her actions.

Others were concerned about the teen boy sitting next to her. The two were sitting so close together that many assumed he was her son. He looked unbothered by the entire situation, so some speculated this may not have been the first time the woman made a scene in public.

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Sadly, this is not the first time someone has been arrested while visiting Disneyland Resort. Earlier this summer, a woman snuck into the park and tried to hide from police at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. It was not the first time she had been caught sneaking into the parks. During the pandemic, a man was also arrested for trying to break into Disney California Adventure while it was closed because of the pandemic.

Big Thunder Mountain Disneyland Resort

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It is important that guests know Disney always wants them to have fun while visiting. It is a magical place where wonderful memories can be made. However, there are certain rules and regulations that all guests must follow. Should guests ignore these rules, Disney reserves the right to remove them from the park. It is also possible that the behavior is so egregious that Disney bans them from the parks altogether.

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