Duck Collides With Guest Riding Roller Coaster at Popular Theme Park

An animated character resembling a duck in a sailor outfit is positioned in the foreground, saluting. Behind the duck is an amusement park filled with thrilling roller coasters, other rides, and a large lake on the horizon under a clear blue sky.
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Guests riding a popular roller coaster at the iconic Cedar Point theme park in Ohio recently were left in disbelief and shock. While the attraction sped along the tracks, an unfortunate duck crossed its path, hitting one of the riders in the front row. The poor creature then had the ride of its life after getting stuck behind a seat in the vehicle. Footage of the duck’s roller coaster experience was recorded and can be viewed below.

Millennium Force Cedar Point

Credit: Cedar Point

The Intense Millenium Force Roller Coaster

Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, is renowned worldwide as the “Roller Coaster Capital of the World.” With a huge collection of intense rides and roller coasters, the Park attracts thrill-seekers from all corners. Year after year, Cedar Point continues to push the boundaries of coaster design. This ensures visitors always have something new and exhilarating to look forward to.

One standout coaster at Cedar Point is Millennium Force. This colossal steel coaster, opening in 2000, is the world’s first “giga coaster.” Soaring to a height of 310 feet and reaching speeds up to 93 miles per hour, Millennium Force offers an intense and unforgettable ride. It provides a stunning view of Lake Erie, steep drops, and sweeping turns. This coaster’s relentless speed and smooth ride have earned it a place among the best roller coasters globally. While it sounds exciting, this is not a place a duck would find relaxing.


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Duck on a Roller Coaster

An ill-fated duck caused mayhem on the roller coaster during a recent ride on the Millennium Force. After the Guests had already experienced the high thrills and heights, the duck entered the vehicle’s path as it sped toward the end of the track. There was some initial confusion about what happened next. However, social media managed to piece it together based on eyewitness accounts.

The duck apparently hit one of the riders in the front row, spiraled backward, and landed behind a seat further back. It is reported that the creature was likely in shock from the impact while the vehicle pulled into the unloading area. As Guests waited to get off the car, the two girls closest to the animal noticed it. They became hysterical, shouting about the duck defecating on them and the seats in its confusion. After the incident, the Park had to shut down the roller coaster and cycle empty trains, causing quite a delay.

As employees offloaded the riders, one kind-hearted Guest managed to pick up and calm the duck. She immediately brought it to Guest Services. The animal reportedly had a noticeable limp, and a Cedar Point spokesperson assured everyone that they were turning it over to wildlife rehab.

byu/octoroach from discussion

Someone who responded to the Reddit thread on the incident claimed to be the person who was hit in the front row. They recounted their experience:

I was on the ride in the front and the duck flew in front of me and hit me, the lady got the duck because he was stuck and CP staff were doing literally nothing when he was freaked out, didn’t respond or look like they cared at all. I was with her and they told me they took it to some office and it was getting picked up to get helped bc it was injured.

Footage of Duck After Incident

Footage of the immediate aftermath was recorded by Guests waiting for the ride. Furthermore, you can see the duck was obviously shaken up by the experience.

Hearing of an unfortunate incident involving an innocent animal and technology is never enjoyable. However, this is always possible, especially when a theme park is built next to a giant lake. Hopefully, this little duck makes a full recovery and stays away from fast-moving vehicles from here on out!

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