Former GOP Lawmaker Explains DeSantis’s “Crucial Mistake” That Lost Him Disney Feud

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In the latest news, a former Republican lawmaker thinks Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sunk his battle with Disney due to a “tactical error.”

The Disney vs. DeSantis feud has been one of the most talked about happenings in 2023, especially since Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declared his intention to run for President of the United States. Over the last few months, we’ve seen the Republican presidential candidate sit down for interviews as he gears up for the presidential race and face tough questions about the feud with the Walt Disney Company and Central Florida Disney resort, Walt Disney World.

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Megyn Kelly / Credit: The Megyn Kelly Show

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However, more voices are insisting that Governor DeSantis has sunk his ships with his choices and decisions in the Disney feud. Now, Former Florida state Rep. Anthony Sabatini explained in a column for The Telegraph that the fight has gone on so long it’s led to a “lethargy of voters.”

Sabatini wrote,

But the fight against so-called ‘woke capital’, spearheaded by DeSantis and other GOP politicians, is still an important cause that a large majority of conservatives support. It’s not the battle itself that Republicans are sick of, but the manner in which it was fought.

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Disney CEO Bob Iger with Mickey Mouse / Credit: Disney

Sabatini opined that the extended timeframe was the main issue with how Governor Ron DeSantis handled the feud. He shared that it “didn’t make sense then, and makes even less sense now. Kicking the can that far down the road was a big mistake that DeSantis almost certainly regrets.”

“…The delay brought growing public weariness over the issue. Even with a righteous or popular cause, the public can get bored and move on,” Sabatini continued, “That’s something any seasoned politician should know.”

Why Did Disney Sue Governor DeSantis?

The Disney-DeSantis feud tracks back to the “Don’t Say Gay” debacle of 2022 when former Disney CEO Bob Chapek spoke out against the bill that Governor DeSantis spearheaded. That disagreement resulted in a lengthy back and forth, culminating in multiple lawsuits.

The Walt Disney Co. sued Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, alleging that the Republican governor waged a “relentless campaign to weaponize government power” over the company.

Now, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis wants to “move on” from the Disney fight.

Magic Kingdom Disney World

Mickey Mouse and Friends at Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Disney

Could Disney Ever Leave Florida?

The relationship between the Walt Disney Company and the Sunshine State has notably soured in this time, and Disney demonstrated this by canceling its $1 billion Lake Nona campus.

This has resulted in many questioning whether Disney would ever leave the state of Florida; however, despite the number of states that have thrown their hat in the ring, inviting Disney to set up theme parks, it’s unlikely that Disney will leave the Sunshine State.

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