Experiences You Absolutely Should Have Around Epcot's World Showcase

6. Impressions de France

The France Pavilion also features a fabulous film presentation highlighting the country’s many rich historical and cultural legacies and contributions throughout time. Shown in stunning 200-degree widescreen views within the Palais du Cinéma, this 18-minute film, set to dramatic classical music, takes viewers on an aerial scenic flyby over majestic natural and manmade wonders alike. Learn fascinating facts as you take in all the spectacular sights to behold and foster a new appreciation and understanding for why France is such an enchanting and alluring destination for inspiration and romance. This film is absolutely guaranteed to leave an impression, which is why it’s been rightfully named Impressions de France.

7. Trains and treats at Germany

Germany has many stellar attributes, most of which center around that popular adage to “eat, drink, and be merry.” But for those visitors passing by, making rounds at each of the pavilions, our primary recommendations for Germany can be summed up with two words—trains and treats. First off, you can’t miss the mechanical marvels of the miniature train garden. Walt Disney himself had a lifelong love for trains, so taking a moment to stop and stare at this stunning operational miniature train replica is somewhat of a right of passage. It’s a way to appreciate the little things and take a closer and detailed look into the constant workings and overall marvelous details that went into it. Our second recommendation for those visiting the Germany Pavilion is to check out the many enticing treats, especially those traditional highlights like authentic pretzels, indulgent candies (a stop at Karamell-Küche for some Werther’s Original is an absolute must), and even sampling hearty spirits (for those who are of an age and interest).

8. Morocco’s marketplace

The Morocco Pavilion allows you the chance to browse through a traditional marketplace setup all in the comfort of familiar Walt Disney World. Discover a vast array of authentic Moroccan imported goods, from woven baskets to hats and accessories, clothing, and much more. Get a feel for the overall market scene at Medina, from the compelling architecture to the order and setup, with all the accompanying sights and sounds around. It’s truly a not-to-be-missed experience to take in.

9. Italian art and culture

Epcot’s Italy Pavilion thrives mostly on its presentation of art and culture as depicted and highlighted through its many architectural marvels. Take a look at all the mastery etched into the different structures here, like the authentically replicated 83-foot bell tower that was inspired by the one at St. Mark’s Square, the majestic recreation of Doge’s Palace, the Fontana de Nettuno fountain, which was influenced by the famed Neptune fountain by Bernini, and so many other artfully authentic recreations. Even the different plants here pay homage to the Italian Mediterranean climate with olive and Cyprus trees, kumquats, and more.

10. Japan’s megamall

There are plenty of highlights to explore at the Japan Pavilion, but one absolute must-do is making it a point to stop in at the Mitsukoshi Department Store. This is by far the largest and most versatile all-in-one-stores making up the World Showcase. Inside it is divided into several different sections and interests, ranging from apparel to toys, home essentials to specialty snack products, themed merchandise from your favorite anime cartoons and games, and so much more. One of Mitsukoshi’s most popular onsite experiences is picking a pearl fresh from a live in-store oyster tank. You may purchase the pearl as is or have it fashioned into a piece of jewelry. Mitsukoshi stores have a long and enduring history in Japan, which began as early as 1673 with the establishment of the Echigo-ya dress shops that later merged with the Mitsui Business Group in 1893. More than 300 years later and they’re still booming. So it’s no wonder why Epcot proudly serves as home to one of these outstanding Japanese megamalls as well.

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