Fairy Tale Fans Will Love This New Book


Were you one of the audience members watching ‘Cinderella’ and whispering tidbits to your friends about the original, more violent version of the classic tale? Did you do the same for ‘The Little Mermaid‘? If so, we’ve got the new classic fairy tale anthology for you! This new book “Beasts and Beauty: Dangerous Tales” has twelve dark fairy tales in it, with each fairy tale exploring “themes such as triumph, life, death, love and lots of life lessons”. According to the review of it on, “some of the stories include a prince that has a surprising awakening, a beauty that actually fights like a beast, and a strong boy that refuses to become prey.”


Although fairy tales are very common factors in Disney’s movies, particularly its Disney princess movies, the fairy tales in this new book are definitely not for the faint of heart. This book is not likely to bring about happy endings, or sweet romances, or lighthearted whimsy, so it may be best for someone in middle school or older! It also will probably be best for someone who already has expressed a propensity for darker or more serious stories. If you’re buying the book for yourself, that’s easy to determine; if you’re buying it for a child as a gift, take a look at the other books that they read first to see if these fairy tales will interest them or give them nightmares.

If you do find that this book is up your alley, then you will certainly be in for a treat! As Bookriot put it, this book is “filled with unexpected twists and turns [and] these tales with stay with you long after the last one has ended and [the] final page has been turned.” Sounds like a good book to us! Looking for something more lighthearted, or something with dragons? We’ve got the recommendations for those too!

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Sharon is a writer and animal lover from New England. Sharon's two main focuses in her work are Disney's correlations with pop culture and the significance of Disney princesses (which was the basis for her college thesis). When she's not writing about Disney, Sharon spends her time singing, dancing, and cavorting with woodland creatures!

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