Family Spends $1K On Disney Princess Makeovers

radford family

The Radford family is at it again! Britain’s largest family (a family of 22) has just gone back to Walt Disney World Resort after already visiting recently (and spending what amounts to a week’s wages, for many people, on Disney Park dining reservations). This time, the Radford family has splurged on Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique makeovers for six girls, adding up to over ¬£1,200!

radford family

The Radford family from the ’22 and Counting’ TV show. Credit:

The parents are Sue Radford and Noel Radford, and they are the head of the household that stars in the British show 22 and Counting (which is reminiscent of the American show Jon and Kate Plus Eight). The other family members include the adults Chris, Sophie, Chloe, Jack, Daniel, Luke, Millie, Katie, and James.

The children in the Radford family include Ellie, Aimee, Josh, Max, Tillie, Oscar, Casper, Hallie, Phoebe, Archie, Bonnie, and Heidie Radford. The Radford family is very active on social media, and Sue Radford shared photos from her daughters’ Disney princess makeovers in the Instagram post that is shown below!

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“This was just THE best experience ever the girls absolutely loved every second of it Tillie came out gave me a massive hug and said thank you so much mum that was just amazing,” Sylvie Radford wrote in the post shown above.

Disney princess makeovers at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique typically include offerings like a Disney princess dress, crown or tiara, hair, and makeup — and they cost about $99.95 plus tax per child ($199.95 plus tax if you are purchasing the dress as well as the makeover).

The family of Disney fanatics also went to Tusker House, a popular Animal Kingdom Park restaurant that includes a buffet (despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic).

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Sylvie Radford and Noel Radford are not the only people who find splurging on Disney makeovers to be enjoyable. Another family (albeit a much smaller one) invests in monthly high-end Disney costumes and photoshoots!

The Radfords’ splurge might be surprising to some Disney fans, but it is particularly appropriate since World Princess Week has just finished and the Ultimate Princess Celebration is still continuing to honor Disney princesses’ courage and kindness!

Would you spend this much money on a Disney princess makeover? Would you like a Disney princess makeover, even if you are an adult? 

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