Disney-Loving Family Invests in Extravagant Photoshoots

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There are plenty of Disney fans in the world (even if Disney fans these days have often had some doubts about the Walt Disney Company), and Disney fans’ level of commitment can vary. Some fans would prefer to Disneybound in the Disney Parks while wearing a simple but fashionable Minnie Mouse outfit.

Others might like to avoid Disney clothing, but embrace Disney characters for Disney Halloween events and Halloween costumes. And others, like photographer Camillia Court, might like to set aside time every month for elaborate Disney-inspired photoshoots with her daughter.

Camillia Court is a Canadian photographer who fell in love with Disney and passed on her Disney fanatic status to her daughter Layla. The duo now consider themselves to be  “character artists”, having solidified their passion for Disney transformations after Layla experienced the magic of a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique makeover and saw herself becoming Queen Elsa back in 2014.

Now, Camillia and Layla have shared many pictures from their monthly Disney photoshoots and their Magical World of Princesses photograph series. Camillia has shared the photographs on her Facebook page and received many positive responses from her newfound fans. Take a look at some of the photos below!

sleeping beauty maleficent

Layla in costume as (Briar) Rose and Camillia in costume as Maleficent from Disney’s “Maleficent”/Credit: Camillia Courts Photography

Layla dresses up as plenty of Disney princesses during the photoshoots with her mother, but these pictures of Layla portraying Ariel the little mermaid and portraying Cinderella (in her signature Lily James ballgown, shown below) are particularly eye-catching!

ariel the little mermaid

Layla in costume as Ariel from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”/Credit: Camillia Courts Photography

The duo has also dressed up and posed as lesser-known Disney characters or villainous characters like Maleficent, Cruella DeVil, and Ursula — or superheroes, such as Viola Incredible.

If you’re inspired by Camillia and Layla’s commitment to their characters, and you’re looking to get a headstart on Disney Halloween costumes like theirs, then take a look at our Cinderella tutorial here (with tips from Cinderella makeup designer Naomi Donne), our Aurora / Briar Rose tutorial here (with tips directly from Elle Fanning’s makeup artist), our Elizabeth Swann makeup tutorial, and our Maleficent tutorial here to have a Disney Halloween! 


Layla as Disney’s Cinderella/Credit: Camillia Courts Photography

If you had the time, the skill, and the resources to create detailed, beautiful Disney photoshoots like these (or like this long-forgotten Disney photoshoot that featured Jessica Chastain and Taylor Swift), would you make them a hobby — or would you rather use your spare time and money to go on lots of extra Disney vacations, while only using Disney Halloween costume tutorials for your actual Disney Halloween costume and a Disney Halloween celebration?


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