Want To Try Disney Princess Makeup? This ‘Maleficent’ Actress Is The Perfect Inspiration

Elle Fanning Credit: Elle Fanning Instagram

Disney princess makeup is without a doubt some of the most subtle, yet flattering beauty inspiration to be found–and Elle Fanning knows the ‘right’ way to do it! When it comes to makeup and beauty, Elle told Instyle magazine that she’s always been “daring” with her choices. However, when it comes to the young actress’s style onscreen, she typically plays characters who sport natural, glowing makeup–and one person who has definitely played a part in several of those makeup looks has been her makeup artist Erin Ayanian Monroe! Erin was already generous enough to share the exact makeup that she used on Elle in the ‘Maleficent’ movies with us, but now there’s another source of inspiration stemming from her collaborations with Elle.

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Elle has been starring in the widely-acclaimed historical comedy ‘The Great’ on Hulu, with another season having just premiered, and fans are already admiring her rosy, natural makeup in the show! Period dramas or historical fiction shows are often some of the best sources for natural makeup, because the actresses have to look like they’re wearing nothing (to be somewhat historically accurate) while still looking defined enough to suit high-definition camera lenses. The makeup from ‘Game of Thrones‘ was mainly just cream products, Kryolan Dermacolor concealer, and lots of good skincare, while the makeup on ‘Downton Abbey‘ was airbrushed (and the actors had their eyelashes tinted in lieu of mascara). There was even very little makeup used on Lily James in ‘Cinderella’, and Keira Knightley also wore almost no makeup in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’! Lots of makeup was actually used on Emily Blunt in ‘The Jungle Cruise’, but that result was also a seamless, natural look.

If you want to achieve your own glow like Elle’s character Catherine, her character Aurora, or any other characters that must convey the same soft, natural beauty that Disney princesses are known for, then read on!

Credit: Erin Ayanian Monroe Instagram

The biggest element in Disney princess makeup is definitely blush. By using a neutral or coral cream blush on your cheeks (aiming it on the apples of your cheeks to look younger, or angling it diagonally from your cheekbones up to your temples to look more contoured) and also dabbing the color on your lips, you can get a flushed look without looking dramatic. The creamy lip and cheek color below, which is literally described as “a kiss from a tulip“, might be a good choice!

Bloomeffects Tulip Tint Credit:

Bloomeffects Tulip Tint Credit:


Eyebrows are another important element for a natural, “I’m just romping in the woods gathering berries, don’t mind me” kind of aesthetic: brush them a bit and add some brow pen if you want extra oomph (EM Cosmetics is famous for its brow pens). The straighter eyebrows are, the younger someone looks, and the more arched they are, the older you look!

Elle as Aurora. Credit: Erin Ayanian Monroe Instagram

Elle as Aurora Credit: Erin Ayanian Monroe Instagram

Elle as Mary Shelley in 2016. Credit: Erin Ayanian Monroe Instagram

If you use your ring finger to pat a neutral eyeshadow onto your eyelids and sweep it through your lower lash line, you can enhance your eye color a bit; another option, which it looks like Erin used on Elle in ‘The Great’, is to use a very very small amount of mascara. Instead of swiping mascara onto your eyelashes in the traditional fashion, try letting the mascara dry a little and then pressing the mascara wand against the roots of your eyelashes. Do this gently and lightly, just pressing the wand against the lashes’ roots briefly, and you’ll get the kind of subtle definition that Elle’s character has!

Credit: Erin Ayanian Monroe Instagram

If you want extra makeup, you can always use a BB cream to even out your skin (try Sun Bum’s Tinted Mineral SPF Face Lotion) and try to leave your undereyes bare. Erin said on Instagram that she thinks “there’s something sweet about the little shadows”, so she avoids concealing Elle’s dark circles. Another great trick is dotting some freckles on your nose and cheekbones. Freck has a good freckle pen, but you could also just use a soft brown or taupe eyeliner pencil! Just be sure to pat the freckles in a little with your fingers, so that they look more natural. Elle herself is a big fan of this trick, as is Karen Gillan!

There you have it! An easy way to get the understated, effortless makeup that Elle Fanning’s characters (including the Disney princess Aurora) are known for. If you want wedding makeup inspiration, check out our detailed Aurora tutorial and the pictures from Aurora’s wedding day–and if you’d prefer to copy Elle’s style in her personal life, which is a far more eclectic but glamorous mix of vintage and ethereal choices, then check out our article on her personal style! P.S. Elle is partnered with L’Oreal, so most of the makeup she wears in real life is from that brand.


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