Disney Fan: “Please Be Mindful and Respectful of Cast Members”

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A fan recently cautioned fellow Guests to be “mindful and respect of Cast Members” when making requests of them at a Disney Park.

The Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida and Disneyland Resort in Southern California are world-renowned for being some of the best places in the world to feel the Disney magic. One of the biggest parts of the experience many fans love is the chance to meet their favorite characters and princesses. The people who make this happen? Disney Cast Members.

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Disney Characters, Magic Kingdom Park/Disney

One of the best parts of interacting with Cast Members is the chance to have an instance of interacting with your favorite characters. Having the opportunity to interact with your favorite princess, Fab 5 member, or villain is always one of the most magical Parks experiences, whether you’re visiting the Disneyland Resort Parks—Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park—or the Walt Disney World Resort Disney Parks—Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

When interacting with these characters though, some Guests can get carried away with the interaction. Guests have been known to ask the Disney characters to pose for photos in a way that the character wouldn’t normally do.

TikTok user @helenjp1313 took to the platform to share with Guests what some appropriate ways of asking for poses would be.

Check it out:


Replying to @j.esspacito Yes and no. Please be considerate and mindful! ? #disney #disneyparks #disneycharacters #characterperformers #bekind #wdw #disneyland #cinderella #disneyprincess #meetandgreet

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Many former Disney Cast Members call these types of requests “inappropriate,” as it is outside of the character, film, or universe integrity, especially since they can get Cast Members into trouble or put them in awkward situations.

In the video, she explains that while it’s absolutely allowed to ask Disney Characters for specific poses, it has to be done mindfully. She uses the specific example of the “peace sign” as something that wouldn’t work and doesn’t fit many characters’ backgrounds or their universe.

Mickey Mouse at Magic Kingdom Park

Mickey Mouse at Magic Kingdom Park/Disney

The OP also expressed disappointment at the current upswing in these types of interactions for social media clout. Putting Cast Members in these situations can be dangerous, as per the OP, as they could get reprimanded or even fired for doing something out of character.

As the OP said, it’s essential to be mindful when interacting with these characters so that Guests respect their professional and personal boundaries.

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