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“Naive,” “Unfair”: Fan Slams Disney Adult Who Wants Parents to Stop This Practice

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Inconsiderate and bad behavior has been at the forefront of much Disney news recently, but it appears not all Guests are on the same page about what constitutes this.

Stories of poor Guest behavior at the Disney Parks abound. Many times in the recent past, we’ve covered news items where Guests have either been reportedly selfish, treated fellow Guests inappropriately, or even been incredibly rude to Cast Members. However, a surprising revelation came to light in the most recent case of inconsiderate behavior.

magic kingdom wait times

Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort/Courtesy of Disney

Recently, some Disney Guests got into a debate about inconsiderate behavior at Disney World, a conversation that was a spinoff from a PSA from an Animal Kingdom Guest. The Guest wanted to remind fellow visitors to be more considerate of fellow Park visitors in a particular way, and many Guests took it upon themselves to share their own stories, and add in their own requests.

However, one request was deemed “naive” and “unfair” by a fellow Disney fan.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Magic Kingdom

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse at the Magic Kingdom in special 50th-anniversary outfits/Courtesy of Disney

In the comments of the post, Reddit user and Disney Guest u/HonestScholar2490 shared a practice they wanted parents at Disney World to stop doing: putting kids on their shoulders.

The request prompted another Guest to share a scary story of where a kid could have gotten seriously hurt and things “could have gotten ugly very fast.”

True story…on my last trip, I caught a small child in front of me that fell backward off of his dads shoulders during the fireworks show in MK. The dad had stuff in each hand, and the kid started falling back, and because the dad had no free hands, he couldn’t grab the kids feet going backwards. That could have gotten ugly very fast had I not been paying attention to the kid blocking my view lol

beacons of magic animal kingdom

Beacons of Magic, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park/Courtesy of Disney

But while this might feel like a no-brainer to some fans and Guests, one Disney Guest shared a “hot take.” The Guest shared that while they sympathized with the request, it was simply “naive” and “unfair.”

I’m not putting my kid on my shoulders unless they can’t see and most kids at fireworks shows are the smallest viewers there. All it takes is one adult trying to make the most of the space (which I don’t blame them for) to immediately rob my kid of their viewing angle

The commenter stood up for parents at a Disney Park who are just trying to make it so their children can see, especially because, many times, adults will block their view during shows like the fireworks at the Disney Theme Parks.

While this conversation stayed civil, it certainly prompted a lot of discussion on the part of Disney fans, unlike another recent occurrence that turned ugly.

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