Fans Attack Woman for ‘Selfish’ Choice About Disney Vacation

couple fights after canceled disney vacation

Even though Disney fans have been citing Disney magic as a source of pleasure for many years — whether that Disney magic has been derived from animated Disney movies or classic Disney rides — the fact remains that these days, Disney magic has seemed short in supply for many Disney Guests at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort.

One potential Disney vacation-seeker was so concerned about losing the Disney magic, apparently, that she recently rejected a family Disney vacation for fear of experiencing a less-than-perfect Disney Resort trip. The female Disney fan who shared her situation online has received a large number of insults after describing her desire to refuse the Disney Resort trip, particularly because of one reason that has her significant other (and many people in the comments) calling her “selfish.”

castle bridge couple pathway

Disney locations like Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort can be magical places for couples — sometimes!

In the Reddit post shown here, the 29-year-old Disney fan revealed that she is “backing out because the niece’s mom will be 7 months pregnant” and she feels that “her pregnancy will impede the fun that everyone has on the trip.”

The Reddit user did mention that the trip might involve too much physical exercise for the pregnant companion, but statements like the following have not endeared her to other Disney fans despite the mention of her boyfriend’s family member’s potential health concerns:  “I have never been to DISNEY and I want my first time going to be AMAZING. I don’t want to stop and rest every time the pregnant lady gets tired or needs a break.”

You can read the full post in the link shared above, which also mentions that “this trip has been in the making for 2 years” (although it’s not clear if the Disney vacation and Disney Resort trip is meant to take place in Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort).

pregnant woman

Visiting Disney while pregnant can still be magical!

Apparently, the Disney fan’s boyfriend is not happy with her decision.

“My boyfriend thinks I am being selfish,” she wrote. “He says this trip is not about me, it’s a family celebration to celebrate his niece. He does not think I am being a supportive partner in this situation…He’s still upset that I am backing out. He’s upset that I made the decision without talking to him first. He said there was no compromise. He said that I am turning down a fully paid for DISNEY trip because the trip ‘may’ not go my way. Am I being selfish?”

Judging by the comments on this post, most other Disney fans and Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort fans think that the answer to that last question is “yes.”

“You’re a 29 year old adult, backing out of a paid-for family trip to celebrate a 5 year old’s birthday because it may not be “amazing” for your first visit,” one Reddit user wrote. “You could have chosen to put a positive spin on it. You could have asked the birthday girl if you could partner with her since you’ve never been to Disney and embrace your inner kid, while also taking some pressure off her pregnant mom. But that would require thinking of someone other than yourself.”

two children hug in disney world

Two kids hugging in the Magic Kingdom theme park within Walt Disney World Resort. Disney World also has the Animal Kingdom theme park, Hollywood Studios theme park, and EPCOT theme park. Credit: Disney

“Are we sure the OP isn’t the one turning five? She sure sounds like it,” another social media user wrote. The comments continue in this vein, with the overwhelming majority being negative. In the quest for Disney magic, do you think that Disney enthusiasts can sometimes go astray? Do you think that this is one of those scenarios?

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