Guests Report Issues with Pet Relief at Disney World

disney world pet relief

Were people not enough, now Guests are upset with Walt Disney World for not being friendly enough for their service animals as well.

Even though each Disney Theme Park at Walt Disney World – Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom-are loved by fans for that magical Disney vacation, the Walt Disney Company and the Walt Disney World Resort have been in the news recently for some unsavory decisions they’ve been making recently. Be that from doubling down on the Park reservation system, the Disney Genie + and Lightning Lane service price rise and operational issues, among more.

Mickey Mouse at Magic Kingdom Park

Mickey Mouse at Magic Kingdom Park/Disney

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But now, a Guest shared a video of how the Disney Resort was not very friendly to a surprising Guest… their service dog, specifically, the Guest reported they found Disney World pet relief lacking.

Disney Guest and TikTok user took to the social media platform to share his experience trying to find the Pet Relief area in the Magic Kingdom, and it was not straightforward at all.

Check it out:


This kinda blew my mind. @Disney you need to do better! #jeremiahwalters #disney #disneymagickingdom #petrelief #pottybreak #servicedogsoftiktok #servicedogs #blacklabsoftiktok

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In the video, Walters explains that he traveled “over the river and through the woods to find this little bitty patch” of green for pet relief at the Magic Kingdom. In the video, Walters’ service dog appears to be uninterested in the small area, and per the person off-screen, is more interested in a nearby green space.

Walters captioned the video, “This kinda blew my mind. @Disney you need to do better!”

Magic Kingdom Park

Magic Kingdom Park/Disney

Since its upload, the video has gotten 32K likes and over 305K views, but commenters didn’t necessarily empathize with Walters.

Most of them insisted that a trained service dog would “go wherever you told her to go.” One user, @emilylewis6036, added, “People saying that it’s not nice enough don’t realize that at Disney, if it was too nice people would be sitting all over it or letting their kids.”

Commenters also didn’t approve of the off-screen filmer’s suggestion just to let the dog go over to the other area, highlighting that there was a designated area for a reason and that there were better pet relief areas at the Disney Parks that Walters could go to instead.

Walters didn’t share what course of action he took in the video.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to report on all Disney news as it comes to light.

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