“Such a Weird Hill to Die On”: Florida House Passes Bill, Continues to Come for Disney Contracts

florida house land use bill

Another day, another update on the Disney vs. DeSantis case.

It seems like the Walt Disney Company’s battle with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is all anyone can talk about at the moment. The battle that has been drawn out for over a year now has had numerous back-and-forths, with each party constantly swinging back every time it appeared like one of them scored a winning shot. Most recently, Walt Disney World sued Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for voiding the agreement the Mouse House had signed with them—the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District board—and in response, the board filed a countersuit.

cinderella castle at magic kingdom park, walt disney world resort

Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Disney

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Since all this happened, it appears like Florida lawmakers are continuing to set in stone various bills that will cement the Central Florida Oversight District board’s power.

Most recently, as Journalist Scott Gustin shared, the Florida House voted to pas bill SB 1604; this is a Land Use bill that includes an amendment which allows the new board (which replaced the old Reedy Creek Improvement District board) the “authority to overturn contracts approved by the previous board.”

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The bill passed 75 to 34 and is now headed to the Florida Governor’s desk.

As Gustin highlighted in a later tweet, the bill specifically mentions the Disney lawsuit and states clearly that “Florida legislature has recently advanced legislation attacking the Contracts—prohibiting their enforcement unless the CFTOD board were to readopt them.”

Several commenters were perplexed by this series of events. One said, “This is getting more and more bizarre. So many other pressing issues to fix in Florida that would benefit residents / tax payers of this state.”

Another fan opined, “Such a weird hill to die on. Just one more thing for the courts.”

fans thrilled disney suing desantis

Disney CEO Bob Iger (left); Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (right)

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Many others questioned the legality of the proceedings as well.

Stay tuned to Disney Fanatic for all updates on these proceedings and all other Disney news.

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