Flying to Disney in 2023? This Airline is Offering “Free” WiFi

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Flying to and from your favorite Disney Theme Parks and Resorts is about to get a slight improvement.

Delta Airlines, one of the world’s largest carriers and one of the most popular choices for Walt Disney World vacation-bound families heading to Orlando International Airport in Central Florida, announced that it would begin offering free Wi-Fi on most of its planes as early as February 1, 2023.

Delta Airlines

Credit: Delta

CNN Reports,

More than 500 of Delta’s domestic narrow-body planes serving the airline’s “most popular routes” will be ready for free Wi-Fi at launch, the company said. Wide-body international and smaller regional jets will be coming online by the end of 2024.

Customers will know if their flight has free Wi-Fi by a decal noting it near the boarding door. They also can connect multiple devices at one time.

The announcement was made this week at the Consumer Electronics Show, during which Delta CEO Ed Bastian confirmed, “It’s going to be free, it’s going to be fast, and it’s going to be available for everyone.”

Delta Airlines

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But this news does come with a slight caveat. Passengers will have to become a member of Delta’s SkyMiles loyalty program, which is free to all who want to join and collect the miles whenever they fly. Any passengers who do not wish to join the program will have to pay a flat fee of $10.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Delta is the first of America’s “Big Three” air travel entities–which includes United Airlines and American Airlines–to offer free Wi-Fi. But it is not the first American air passenger carrier to do so. JetBlue has been offering free Wi-Fi since 2017.

It is unclear at this time how many Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland-bound flights will be improved with the complimentary feature.

Orlando International Airport


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