FOX News Host Accuses Disney of “Woke and Worthless” Decision About Splash Mountain

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Even though the Magic Kingdom ride called Splash Mountain is leaving forever in late January, many Disney fans are still not happy about the ride’s removal from Walt Disney World Resort (and the to-be-announced removal of the Disneyland Park ride location too) — and apparently, one high-profile Fox News host is one of those pro-Splash Mountain individuals!

Fox News host Tomi Lahren recently lambasted Disney for its decision to permanently eradicate Splash Mountain from Disney Parks. “The ride is based on the 1964 film “Songs of the South” and has been around since the late 80s but apparently it has just now become too racist to bear due to its “racist undertones.” If you’re not quite sure what’s racist about a water log ride, you’re not alone,” Tomi Lahren said.

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Splash Mountain is a Magic Kingdom ride that is being replaced by Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, which is a Princess and the Frog ride from Walt Disney Imagineering that will focus on Princess Tiana, Prince Naveen, and the happy couple’s friends and adventures in the bayous of Louisiana that surround New Orleans.

“Most of us don’t get it either but that’s because we are normal and don’t look for things to be offended by – including theme park rides. The ride will now be converted to “Tiana’s Bayou Adventure” based on the 2009 film “Princess and the Frog.” Is this really necessary?” she added. “Was the ride really that offensive or is this yet another woke and worthless virtue signal?”

“Something is always gonna offend someone, why are we making a national habit out of cancel culture. Pretty soon there won’t be anything or anyone left!” the Fox News host continued. “Leave it to Disney to suck the absolute fun out of absolutely everything!”

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Many Disney fans had hoped that Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger would somehow save Splash Mountain from closure. Instead, the returning Walt Disney Company leader stuck to Disney’s original plan for the cancellation of the ride. 

Many people (including Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger) do think that Splash Mountain is problematic, because it is based on the previously-mentioned and notoriously-problematic movie called Song of the South. Disney has faced a lot of backlash for being too “woke” — including from Florida’s governor, Governor Ron DeSantis — but it has also been deemed “insufficient” in its progressiveness by the GLAAD organization recently.

Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain is being replaced soon with Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Credit: Disney

Where do you stand on Disney’s policies? Do you think that Disney is too “woke”, or not “woke” enough? Do you think that Splash Mountain’s closure really is a sign of “cancel culture” going too far?

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