Could ‘Splash Mountain’ Make a Return? Bob Iger’s Stance

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Many Disney fans had hoped that Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger would somehow save Splash Mountain from closure.

While Disney is going through a whole host of changes at the moment, and in the midst of this, one previously controversial change has resurfaced.

The Walt Disney Company has been going through some serious restructuring recently. Just yesterday, the Company announced that now former Disney CEO Bob Chapek was “stepping down,” although this was later revealed to be a “termination,” and Bob Iger came back on to take the mantle of Disney’s Chief Executive Officer. Shortly after, Chapek’s top ally was also fired.

bob iger

Disney CEO Bob Iger/ Arturo Holmes/Getty

But while these massive changes are indicative of much that is unknown with the future of the Walt Disney Company and its actions to resolve its current situation, one previously controversial has resurfaced. That of “Splash Mountain.”

Disney announced a few years ago that “Splash Mountain” would be closing permanently and that the theming for the ride would be changed to Princess and the Frog (2009), based on Princess Tiana, with a new name: “Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.” Many fans have been incredibly upset at the development and have been petitioning and calling to Disney for years to save the beloved fan-favorite.

splash mountain disneyland

Splash Mountain, Disneyland Resort/Disney

Now, with Bob Iger back, fans in the hopes that Iger will save this ride have taken to social media to share thousands of posts ranging from Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, that have called for him to “save Splash Mountain” at each Disney Park.

But what fans might not remember is that Bob Iger has made his stance on the Splash Mountain attraction very clear. Back in 2020, the current CEO shared:

“I’ve felt as long as I’ve been CEO that ‘Song of the South’ — even with a disclaimer — was just not appropriate in today’s world. It’s just hard, given the depictions in some of those films, to bring them out today without in some form or another offending people, so we’ve decided not to do that.”

splash mountain disney world

Splash Mountain, Walt Disney World Resort/Disney

In fact, Bob Iger was still the Disney Chairman when the retheme announcement was made in 2020, meaning he likely was part of the decision in the first place. It seems apparent that whatever other changes will be coming Disney’s way, this won’t be one of them.

From Disney Parks Blog,

First announced in 2020, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will take guests on a musical adventure inspired by the beloved story and characters from the fan-favorite film. Picking up where the film left off, guests will join Princess Tiana, Naveen and jazz-loving alligator Louis on an adventure through the bayou as they prepare to host a one-of-a-kind Mardi Gras celebration where everyone is welcome.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to report on all the latest news from Disney as it comes to light.

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